Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ive been away!


  I know that Ive been away too long. Ive been busy with Christmas stockings and all kinds of goodies! Today is my 51st birthday:) Yipee I made it! Im finially officially over the hill:) hahaha  I do have plenty of pics for you to see but my daughter took my hookup and I cant download the pics:( As soon as I can get her in here to do it.  Ill download them for you all to see.

  I do pray that you all have a very happy New Year. I feel like a whole new year is what I need. Im looking forward to what it will bring to us all. Im planning on crocheting more items for my own enjoyment. Selfish I know. But I would like to see what I create from time to time:)

  Well Ill be back next year:) heehee tata for now

Friday, December 1, 2006

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my friends in cyber space!

  Ive been busy making scarves for Dee for her 60 scarves in 60 days challenge. I was able to make 6 scarves. I donated them all to Child Haven here in Vegas.

  Ive started my stocking crochet for a family Karen and I adopted for Christmas this year. Its kinda like the Angel Tree gift but we picked the whole family to give too. So Im making stockings for them all. Im going to make some really funky stockings for a change and be a little creative with them. Ill take a pic and let you know how Im coming along with them.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

San Diego trip


  I had a wonderful time when I went over to San Diego, We stopped along the freeway to Toms Farms and I got some wonderful squash Yummy! As you can I went to California with my sister and my mom. While I was there I was crocheting flowers for Abbeas afghan. Carri decided to learn to crochet and she did a great job in learning. When we got back she even went with me to  the Las Vegas Hookers meeting. We had a great time.

  I bought the prettiest yarn while in San Diego. The yarn store was in a Tandy Leathers store. As you can see in the pics there was tons of yarn. I wish I had a few hundred dollars and I would have bought much more. I did buy some yarn that you buy by the pound it cost 60,00 for one pound and there was a pound and a half on the spool. THe very sweet salesclerk sold it to me for only 40.00:) Yipee. It will go great with another yarn to carry it along with. Its purple green and browns. Really pretty!

  I have been asked to make stockings for a family that a friend of mine and me:) Have adopted for Christmas and there is 5 kids in the family. So Im off to make stockings.

  Oh I was watching a old movie tonight called The Christmas Wish and they mentioned how the wife make crocheted doilies for a friend:) I love finding movies that mention crochet. The movie was made in 1950:)

  Have a blessed day!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day 2006

             Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderfull day yesterday. My hubby was off yesterday so we celebrated on Wednesday instead of Thursday. As you can see we ate like kings. And we are so very full. My wonderful daughter Abbea prepared everything you see. She cooked all day long. The only item I was responsible for was the turkey and it turned out wonderful.

  For Thursday dinner I made the rounds. I went out to my sisters where my family got together. We had a wonderful dinner there as well. I loved it all. I baked my famous Cream Cheese Pecan Pie. Everyone enjoyed!

  Then after I ate at my families I went over to my second family of friends:) We had another wonderful dinner. I have way over eaten! I could not even eat the dessert but I did bring it home maybe later I can indulge!

  Well have a happy weekend I have pics from my trip to San Diego Ill post tomorrow


Praying you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving. And a wonderful love filled day! I pray the whole weekend is full of friends and love. Enjoy your day!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finished with scarves starting afghan


  As you can see in the photos I completed 4 scarves but one my Grandson Riley wants (the blue one). They were so easy to make I really enjoy making theses scarves. Next year Im going to have M. Huberts book " 20 easy scarves to make". I ordered it from my book club Crossings. I also ordered Doris Chins new book that Dee mentions on her blog at CrochetWithDee. She gave it a rave review so I just had to have it too!

  The flowers you see on the photos are for my daughter Abbeas Afghan she wants me to make her. She went into my stash and took the yarn  I already had. So I made up this flower and Im trying to figure out how to make this square bigger. Im thinking of using white yarn to make it into a 12 inch square. When I figure it out Ill take a pic and show you. I like the flower its really simple to make. If I get the chance Ill write up the pattern and post it here.

  Oh I forgot I took another pic of my christmas stockings to show you. I hope you like them I did have alot of fun making them.

  Im off to San Diego for a few days to vist my Aunt Estell. I pray you all have a blessed week.

Thursday, November 9, 2006



  I know this is not the best pic of my stocking but its what my camera is giving me today. I must need batteries. I will go tomorrow and get new batteries and then Ill take a new pic of this stocking and my other stockings.

  Im working on my scarves I promised Dee over at for her "60 scarves in 60 days" challenge. I found out from my Curves group I go to that they are collecting coats, scarves and gloves for the children over at the Child Haven we have her in Vegas. So Im going to donate my scarves to them. How great is that.

  Im going to be gone next week Im going to San Diego to visit my Great Aunt Estell. She is 88 years old and Id love to see her because I dont get too many chances on visiting her there at her home. So I should have a nice little collection of pics for you to enjoy when I get back.

  Oh yea before I let you go do some crocheting I want to mention that we finally got together 5 CGOA members here in Vegas so we are starting our own chapter here. Yippeee we will call ourselves the Las Vegas Hookers. I know its a common name but thats what the girls wanted:) So we are going to be official Hookers!  Haha Wish you could join us. Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Baby Afghans are finished!


  I did it! Just in time I finished the two baby afghans I promised my friend Karen. The first one you see is the baby girl afghan and as you can see I made a little cap to go with it. I found the cutest little pacifier button to embellish the caps with. And as you see on the second pic is the boy afghan and I added the pacifier in blue to his cap. I also found these cute little charms that say things like "made for you' or "handmade for you". So I added one each to each cap as well. I loved making them both.

  I forgot all about doing a crochet along with my crochet group here in Vegas The LV Hookers:) Its to be a christmas stocking. I finished one now Im working on number two as soon as I finish Ill take a pic and let you see them they are so cool. What fun to start a christmas item Yipee! Christmas is coming!

Baby Afghans are finished!


  I did it! Just in time I finished the two baby afghans I promised my friend Karen. The first one you see is the baby girl afghan and as you can see I made a little cap to go with it. I found the cutest little pacifier button to embellish the caps with. And as you see on the second pic is the boy afghan and I added the pacifier in blue to his cap. I also found these cute little charms that say things like "made for you' or "handmade for you". So I added one each to each cap as well. I loved making them both.

  I forgot all about doing a crochet along with my crochet group here in Vegas The LV Hookers:) Its to be a christmas stocking. I finished one now Im working on number two as soon as I finish Ill take a pic and let you see them they are so cool. What fun to start a christmas item Yipee! Christmas is coming!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Yikes I goofed!!


  These are not the best pics of my second afghan Ive been working on. Its white with baby blue. You will not believe it but I spilled hot coffee on this and Im so bummed. Im washing it right now to see if I can get the coffee out of it. I had to go get baby soap because I dont have a baby to do laundry for:) If the coffee comes out then I ll take a new pic so maybe you can see the edging I did on this one. Well Ive completed them both now and Im making matching baby caps for them aswell. How cute!

  Tommorrow Im going to start on my scarves for Dee over at CrochetWithDee she is having a little challenge by making 60 scarves in 60 days. I just love challenges.

  Ok have a great night Im off to get dinner.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

New group from ashes


  I mentioned to you last week that my HooknGrannies group closed without notice and  the girls involved were very upset about this. But one of the lovely ladies started up the group under a new name with the same ladies welcome to join up. If you are interested in dropping by and meeting us or your one of the old HooknGrannies ladies come join us at LiftedHeartsLiftedHands Fergie and Janet are the owners of the new group but all  of the same ladies are there:) Come one Come all and join us.

I put up the pic of my baby afghan today. I finished it, now I need to finish the boy afghan :) Man has it been fun working back and forth between these afghans. I was going to make the girl afghan bigger but my friend asked me to stop she thought it was big enough:) heehee I just cant stop myself. I know the momma will love wrapping her baby up in this afghan.

  Ok we had a great Halloween night. Abbea my daughter met the kids at the door so we didnt have to see not one Halloweener:) Well I did miss seeing all the costumes but it was great that the dogs didnt get so excited.

  Have a blessed day and enjoy the candy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Im getting better Thanks


  I really appreciate all your support and the suggestions of joining other groups. I do belong to CGOA and Crochet Partners. And I love these groups. Its just that Ive been chatting with these ladies over at HooksnGrannies for a little over 4 years and I will miss them.

  I am thinking of starting my group with these ladies if no one else does. That way we can still get together and to know what each other is up to crochet and life wise.

  I put up a pic of a fall decoration that I made last year. I was attending a senior group and made all kinds of items but this one is a favorite one of mine. Its so festive dont you think?

  Im just about finished with the baby afghans Im making for a friend of mine. And as soon as I do Im going to start making scarves for Dees "60 scarves in 60 days" campaign. If you want any info on this charity you can read all about it over at CrochetWithDee site. She does this charity every year and I just love doing it too. So if you find you have free time have a go at it. Yipee I know that Sheila over at Needles and Hooks is up to five scarves (you go girl!)

  Ok friends I pray you have a wonderful Halloween night and have fun and be safe! By the way dont for get to set your clocks BACK one hour before you go to sleep tonight.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Totally saddened


  Im totally sadden to day of the demise of a great group called HooksNGrannies. I know I mentioned the group to you all in the past. We have slowed down the past few months but we were still a great group of friends. We have talked lately about closing the group down but the ladies that remained didnt want that to happen. But I went there today and its gone:( I could not believe it! I have been a member of the group going on 4 years and we did great things there. But Rhonda must have decided not to keep the group open. Im going to have a hard time finding a great group of ladies as these are.

  I just need to vent my saddness. Sorry about that. Now Im off to llok for another group who would want me as a crocheter:) How about you.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yipee Im here


  Ive been crocheting non stop for a few weeks now:) Ive been working on the baby afghans and still working on making 100 baby caps for the capital I have 80 done so far! Whoopie

  I know I really need to take some pics and I need to create patterns for some of the hats. Im trying to figure out how to go about copywriting my patterns. Does anyone know how? I tried searching on the internet but all it really says is to get a lawyer. I had know idea it was that hard and involoved. But in the meantime Im going to start writing out my patterns and take pics to go along with the paterns. So stay tuned !! heehee

  Im really excited for two of my friends here on aol blogs thats Dee at CrochetWithDee  and Sheila at Needles and Hooks they both were nominated for the Vivi Awards here on AOL. Yipee you go girls!

  Well I have had a day of babysitting 2 of my grandchildren who are out of school on quad break. And we watched the Boomerang cartoon channel all day. I just love the old cartoons. I got a big laugh out of them!

  Well I better get back to making those afghans they wont do them by themselves!! I added a pic of some really pretty flowers just for your viewing pleasure:)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby Afghan

Well As promised heres a couple pics of the afghan Im in the midst of making. I just love the colors. Theres pink, green and purple with a splash of white. I wanted to add yellow but could not find any in the stores. I used Simply Soft yarn. Well I hope you like it. Have a great day!

Contest I won


  I won a contest that Dee over at was having. The contest was listening to a clip and identifying her voice, And I actually won. I cant believe I won something. The gift I won looks really cool too. It looks like a baby blanket to crochet kit. I love those dont you? Im truely excited about getting it. I just cant wait. heehee

  Well Ive started my baby afghan and its been fun. Im allmost half way there. Its turning out ever so pretty. Ill take a pic and put it on here sometime today:) ok?

  Well Terry and I are babysitting today. Isabella and Riley. They are watching Narnia at the moment. I just love that movie Im going to get back to watching with them. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Friends Weekend

Im really sorry it took me so long to put pics of my trip to Sacramento up. Ive had a bad week with my Fibro and all. But Im starting to feel much better now.

  Tanya, Lisa and I had a fantastic weekend. We are already planning our next trip. We ate, drank and walked everywhere. Tanya's hubby Duane and son Joshua were wonderful to us. I had the nicest accomadations  with a goodie basket to go with the room. Tanya knows how to make you feel right at home.

  We walked and walked and walked everywhere. We went to the Apple Hill Festival and we got lots of samples of everything made from apples it was wonderful! Then we drank lots of wine. I loved the Port Tanya served, I had never tried Port before and I really liked it.

  I even took my crochet and made 4 crochet hats. Yipee I have over 70 hats made so far. Ive been commissioned to make 2 baby afghans for my friend Karen. So Ill take a rest for now from making baby caps. I want to make at least 100 caps before Janurary.

  Ok have a great weekend and Ill do the same. 

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out ofr the weekend


  Im off to Sacramento for a Friends weekend out. My very good friend Lisa and I are going to go and meet up with our friend Tanya ( She lives in Sacramento). We have plans for a movie on Friday then a festival for Saturday, Then church on Sunday with lots of resting inbetween:) Yipee.

  Im not taking my crochet with me this trip. But I am taking my book! lol Ive been making baby hats like crazy. I have over 60 hats made so far. If I keep going I could have 100 by Christmas. SO now thats my goal.

  Well friends I pray you have a wonderful weekend Ill be back on Monday with pics I do hope:) I need to find my camera I havent seen it since the family reunion.

Tata for now

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I live in the wrong side of the Country


  Ive decided that I live on the wrong side of the country. I went to CrochetWithDee and   My Hooks and Needles. They attended the "Knit-Out 2006 and Crochet" Event in New York. Im totally jealous. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and we have many conventions here but they never have conventions for yarn or knit or even crochet conventions. I really need to think about moving back there. I just need to convince my hubby. I know they have casinos back east so there is a possibility.

  You really should go visit their sites they will make you want to be there as well. Well Im still working  Caps for the Capital for the babies I have 40 or so done now . Im going to make at least 50. Ive been doing so many different patterns and Ive reallyenjoyed coming up with the patterns. Now I was thinking about writing the pattern out and posting them here on my blog. What do you all think? Ive never written a pattern before but I will try and see what I can come up with.

  Ok have a great week and Ill be back real soon.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


  Ive been ever so busy:) Ive been reading Beverly Lewis Amish books. There are 5 of them and Im on number 5. I really enjoy her story telling.

  Ive been making the baby caps for the "Caps for the Capital" campaign. You can find a really cute pattern that Dee over at  crochetwithdee made. Ive made several of her cute little Tulip cap.

  Ive also been busy with my friends around here. My friend Karen had her 50th birthday on the 11th. We had a great time. She is around 6 months younger than me so I had a real fun time picking on her.

  Its really great weather here right now. Its somewhare in the late 90s. Wonderful weather. I hope your weather is great where you live too. Have a blessed day!

Monday, September 4, 2006

Tharp First ever Family Reunion


  I spent the first three hours sitting at the park having a blast and then the family showed up:) lol Ok Ok everything went great lots of food, lots of joking and alot of fun to be had by all.

  As you can see by the pics all of family meaning the Tharp family showed. My dear sweet hubby had to work as did my son. But everyone else showed up. I just love the park It was awesome. Shady in the sun and cool shen need be. And the kids had a water toys to run raround in. Isabella was specially happy because the 3rd is her 9th birthday. Boy is she getting old. Doesnt that make me old too? Dont tell her but Ive as of yet to buy her a gift. so mum is the word here! ok

  I just want to show you a little of what happened I hope you enjoy the party. I have more pics to come some with my nephew Chris and his girl Marci too. Oh yea I did bring my crochet but in all fairness I didnt crochet much. Sorry but I will be bringing pics of the cool crochet bag Im making for me:) cool huh?

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Books Books and more Books


  Ive been totally engrossed in reading as of late. Not that Im not crocheting as well.:) But Ive been reading some of Dee Henderson books. I just love her fiction. If you get a chance try out one of her books. Ive also been reading Beverly Lewis books. I just finished one of her Amish books called the Shunning. My daughter saw me reading the book and thought I was reading the Shining! hahaha  I told her she should no me better than that. Not that it might not be a bad read but I tend to read only christian fiction books:) One of my favorite authors is Karen Kingsbury. She writes straight from the soul. At the moment Ive been reading a Lori Copeland   book called Brides of the West. Its very entertaining. Its about mail order brides in the west. Man o Man am I glad I didnt live back then:)

  Well I havent stopped crocheting. Ive started up on a scarf that I started a few years back and just know found crying out to me to finish. I thought of it because Dee over at mentioned her charity of donating scarfs for the homeless. Here in Vegas I really dont see people wearing scarfs. It really doesnt get that cold here. But I might make a few and send them back east. Im still working on the baby caps for Save the Children charity as well. I hope you can join in and make a few they are very easy to make.

  Well ive chatted enough for one day. Have a great day friends!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunflower Bag Holder


  I thought I would share with you the Sunflower Bag Holder I made for my friend Karen. I made her another one but it did not open from the top to add bags. She requested another one that would take bags from the top. So walla here it is:)

  Im going to give it to her today. So I hope she likes it. I cant recall where I got the pattern but if anyone is interested I could search for it  for you, just let me know. The bag itself is very heavy duty. The stitch was very interesting. It was a DC in one stitch with another increase DC in the same stitch with adding the next stitch all across the body of the bag. It really makes a solid bag holder.

  Ok Im off to work on some of those motifs for my 15 year old project that I keep putting off. I collected the flower pattern motifs from members of Circle of Friends Happy Hookers when they were agroup some 15 years ago. But I have never put them all together. When I do get it completed it will measure out to fit my King size bed with overlapping sides. Its huge to say the least!

 Ok have a great day and Ill be back again soon!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Charity work


  Ive been busy making caps for the Save the Children Charity. If your looking for a cool charity to do for the fall this is a great one. You can check out their site Save the Children: Advocacy: Caps to the Capital . Im going to go buy more yarn so I can make more caps. They are so easy to make. When you go to the site they offer a pattern in knitting or crocheting the caps. I made a few with their pattern then I went creative and made more in my own patterns. I love making them  I hope you can try them out.

  I went to my crochet group meeting last night and we had a blast. We even had a guy who knits and crochet come by to see what we had to offer. He brought along a few of his projects. He can really crochet! His name is Michael. He is looking for mens patterns if you know of any let me know and Ill pass them along to him.

  We are having a great time with the group I hope we can get enogh ladies to join CGOA so we can develope a chapter. We had 7 people show up last night, If we get more we may need to go to another place. But I love meeting at the Outpost because they have such great salads.

  Well have a great night and Ill be back with the other items Im working on to show you what Ive been up to.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Im famous!

  I cant believe it! I just had to tell someone so I thought why not my friends here. My name is in the new Crochet :) magazine. Well in the CGOA part that not everyone gets. Unless you are a member of CGOA:) are you lost now? Well they  mention me and they mentioned Dee over at  Well now that I have been mentioned in a crochet magazine I can relax and just crochet, crochet, crochet:) lol

  Well I did go out to Micheals and I bought 99.00 worth of yarn. I bought 25.00 in cotton and the rest was simply soft yarn. I bought all the jewel tones and Im going to make a new afghan. Now I just haveto find a pattern to do the afghan in. I was thinking maybe a Round Ripple or maybe just a regular Ripple. Ill keep you updated as soon as I finds one.

  Ok have a great day and please stay cool!

Finished pics of trip I thought you might like to see


  Here are the rest of my pics from the trip to California. They are so pretty I just want to go back and see more, I had such a wonderful time there. And it was sooo very cool compared to here in Vegas. Its running 108 compared to their 67 and 70s. I could probably get some crocheting done there if I was there.

  We are having another LV Hookers meeting this Tuesday. I dont know about meeting every Tuesday. But Im going to try. I need to find some exciting pattern to do. Micheals has cotton yarn on sale this week for a dollar. So I thought I would go get some and see it I could come up with some great little project. If you have any ideas just send them my way ok?

  Ive been reading all the great happenings from the CGOA conference this year, I do hope I can attend next years on the West side of the country. Ill just have to wait to see where they are having it. If you want to see whats been happening there go over to and read her blog, She even has some great pics. And you can run over to Yarn Over, Pull Through and read her blog as well she has some great pics aswell.

  Ok enough for today Im off to Curves for some excersize:) Wish me luck that I dont sprain something!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Las Vegas Hookers crochet group

Well Friends,

  I had my first crochet group meeting in quite awhile. I kept missing them for whatever reason and now we decided last night to start meeting every Tuesday:) How much fun can we stand?

  We had a great time. We did miss our Mary. She could not attend last night, I do hope to see her next week tho. We did get a new member her name is Jamie. She makes the most beautiful little afghans. I cant wait to take a pic so you can all see her talent.

  Angie was working on a friend of her brothers afghan. He comissioned her to make him one after he saw the one Angie made for her brother. I even have a picture here of Angie holding up her afghan she made in her very first crochet class. That she is now the teacher of! You go girl!

  Mindy is in the midst of several projects. She is making a very beautiful fall afghan. I think I need to get the pattern from her. She is making a shawl as well I just love the colors she chose for it. You can see a pic of it here. Mindy embellished her pant leg, I hope you can see it here in the pic.

  Our little group chose to be named  The Las Vegas Hookers if we ever get enough people to be in a chapter for CGOA. Lets keep our fingers crossed. We only need one more person.

  Well Ill be back with more upcoming news. Its been really hot here and its keeps threatening to rain but that keeps the heat down somewhat. I really miss Cambria right now. The ocean was so peaceful!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from Cambria


  We had the best time in Cambria, California. It was so cool 67 degrees compared to Vegas' heat of  112 degrees. We really enjoyed the inn we stayed at called the Cambria Shores Inn. This inn lets you bring your pets. We didnt but it was so cool to see so many dogs. As you can see by the pics I really enjoyed our Inn. There was outside seating to over look the Pacific Ocean which was just across the street. We sat out there every night and watched the sunset. As you can tell by my pics I took more but I thought you might not like to see every days sunsets:)

  We ventured into the small town of Cambria and I found their local yarn store. They had wonderful yarn. I did buy some yarn and I bought the cutest little yarn bag made from Vietnam. You can see me holding the bag in the pics. Ill take a better pic of it later and the yarn so you can see them.

  Ive been reading and  and they are both having a great time  at the CGOA conference. It really makes me wish I could attend a conference some day. They are having a conference next year close to me so maybe I can talk Terry into letting me attend. Lets pray he will. I know the girls at our local crochet group are planning a trip.

  Ok Ill be back later with more on the trip and a few more pics. Have a very cool day!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Going away for a little vacation


  Im going away with my dear hubby to Morro Bay, California. We will be gone a week. My girl friend Karen told me about Morro Bay for a few years now and I decided to go check it out for myself:) She and her guy John use to go there a few times a year before he passed away last year. We really miss John.

I started crocheting again after my surgery I kinda lost my desire there for awhile. Im making a little mile a minute afghan. Im using the Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink and Pale Green. I just love those colors together. When I get a little aways on the afghan Ill take a pic so you can all see what Im upto.

  Well I pray you all have a great week. And if you get a chance go check out  site she is preparing to attend the CGOA conference. Im so jealous but some day Ill get to attend. Maybe next year when its in California. If hubby says I can.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Independence Day

         Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sunday Pool Party


  Its been great here the past week. It has been in the 106 degrees here and getting hotter! Boy its been hot. Im planning on a new afghan its one of those mile-a-minute afghans. Ill show you updates as I go along. I need to go pick out the yarn... I was thinking of making it with Carons yarn. I just love the feel of their yarn.

  I wanted to show you what Ive been upto this past week. We had a little family pool party here on Sunday. So here a few pics. I hope you enjoy them. We sure had a great time. I spent my time in the house and I would come out everyso often and take pics:) lol I was out there 10 miutes and found it way to hot on my skin. I think you just have to be very young to be out in this heat! Enjoy!!

  I have a blog I want to mention to you all. Sheila is a real neat lady and she has a great blog so go visit.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Coming back

  Ive been quite lately I know. Ive been busy with my hubby. He has been having a lot of medical test and so have I. I have a mamogram scheduled for the 6th of July. I have put it off for awhile and I didn't realize it. I called the doc and he told me it had been 3 years since my last one:( I cant believe it!
  Ive been working on my shawl and my hubbies afghan I started. I need to make a bag holder for my friend Karen. She didn't like the way the other I made her so I going to design one she will use.
  Ive been so excited about s web page. You should go take a look I just love reading about her adventures traveling around the great New England area.
  I had a meeting the other night with my crochet friends here in Vegas and we had a great time. I met a wonderful lady named Mindy boy can she crochet! It was really nice to meet new people we are hoping to get around 6 people to join CGOA so we can get a chapter together.
  Well have a great weekend and I promise Ill be back sooner than later

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My 32nd anniversary Mt. Charleston Trip


  As you can see I had a most wonderful anniversary thanks to my friend Karen and my kids. They paid for 2 nights and 3 days at the cabin in Mt Charleston. It was wonderful. There was no phones and no tv other than a dvd player. Terry and I read our books that we brought along. Terry chose the Harry Potter series that I had bought him last year and I chose the O'Malley series written by Dee Henderson. Its a great series if you want to read a good book.

  We arrived around 5 pm on Tuesday night ( I missed my crochet meetup group, but they understood!!) we had dinner at the lodge and it was great. Terry tried to get me to order the Ostich burger but I stuck with the salad. The next day we read our books and hung out to watch a gentle rain on the balcony. It was so cool compared to Vegas's very hot 105 degree days. We then went on a little drive around Lee Canyon and we went on a little hike on the mountain. We had a great day.

  I hope to go back again some time this summer when I just cant stand the heat any longer.You will be happy to hear that I did take along a crochet project and I did crochet some. Yipee !!

  Well friends have a very blessed day!

Monday, June 5, 2006

A very hot day


  I thought I would share a few pics of me:) lol Arnt I cute! I know I mentioned a few days ago that I have started NutriSystem diet plan on June 1st. So far I really like it. I eat every 3 hours and I drink all my water. I have yet to feel hungry or deprived. Did I mention I have diabetes? I picked the diabetic plan and they did not send me any choclate:( Boo Hoo Next month Im going to pick my own choices so I could get some chocolate:) lol

  Im still excersizing at Curves. But I still have a few weeks to go before I can fully work out. All I do now is just go around the boards. And that alone is exhausting to me! And my back just kills me. I do hope that the doctor can tell me what is wrong with it.

  Well I just wanted to drop by for a few to let you all know what Ive been up to. I still have yet to get back to my crochet. I havent crochet since the surgery! Boy I need inspiration to get me going. I do have my Crochet group to go to tomorrow night. I hope I can get inspired there! I love the ladies they are so fun to be with.

  Ok Im off of here have a great nice cool day!

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Had my MRI today


  I had my first MRI in years today. I am so closterphobic (sp?)  they had to sedate me with valium. I slept on the way home. It went ok. I kept my eyes closed all the time I was in the contraption.I see the doctor in a month to get the results.

  Well today was my first day on the Nutri System program. So far I really like it. I actually had plenty of food to eat. I pray by next year this time Ill weigh a whole lot less. I really have so much to loose but Im happy with anything at this point.

  I have been NOT crocheting for the past few weeks other than the little scrubber I made for Jim for the wonderful hook he made me. I really need to get back into it. I started an afghan for Terry and I still havent worked much on that. I even started a shawl and Ive stopped working on that too. I have a crochet meeting this Tuesday I hope they can give a little pick me up.

  Have a blessed day Ill be backkkk!

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Got my Jimbo Hook


  I recieved my hook a few days ago and I wanted to share with you how fabulous it is. It came in the cutest packaging. I was so excited about the hook I almost lost my mind opening the cute packaging. I made him a very cute scrubbie he should have recieved it by now. The hook was like using butter to crochet with. It was so smooth and wonderful. If you get a chance to bid on one of his hooks I do hope you win it!

  Heres a link to his site Jimbo's Front Porch I love viisting his site it is very refreshing to see some of his pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mothers Day 2006


  Im backkkkkk:) lol Ive been feeling really great since I had the gallbladder surgery. Ive been taking it easy and eating safe items. My anniversary is coming up on June 8th it will be 32 years happily married to Terry:) He is surprising me on wherehe will be taking me to. Ill let you know when I know!

   But since I chatted with you all  Mothers Day happened. I put up a few pics of my family celebrating Mothers Day. You can see me with my sisters Carri and Jerri along with her little daughter Jennifer. And of course my mother was along too! She is holding up the doily I made for her this year. We went to Mimis Resturant my moms favorite. I hope next year we can go to someplace new. Any suggestions?

  Well Ill be back again soon this week to show you a new hook I recieved. Please come back and check it out. Have a great Memorial Day.


Monday, May 8, 2006


  I just finished this doily for my mom for Mothers Day. Mine didnt turn out this great but I like it:)

  Im going in for the surgery at 6am today. I have to stop drinking and eating at midnight  so Im sitting here drinking water like crazy:)lol For some reason Im very thirsty tonight.Ill be back in about a week maybe thats what the doc says . I should be back to my old self.

  Ive been trying to crochet a little but Ive been not to up for crocheting. And I just know Im addicted to it because Im going through withdrawls:) Im just not feeling up to it. My hands are hurting and oh well you all know:(

  Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Crochet in the movies


  I watched the old Bette Davis movie called Dark Victory tonight and while I was watching Humphrey Bogart came on as the horse trainer and he was telling Bette Davis character that he was going to get the horse to crochet and make little doilies for her:) What a riot I was laughin so hard. I just thought you would like to know crochet is everywhere:)

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Off to the hospital

Ok Friends,

  This time I made to the hospital to register to be operated on:) I took my crochet with me to keep busy. And I got alot of attention. I had two people ask me what I was making. Im making a shawl:) They both thought I was making a afghan. But it was so fun to get their reactions. What fun to be aked about your favorite hobby If I could call it that!

  I went to the Crochet Meet Up last night and we had a new member show up:) What fun. She doesnt crochet but she does knit. She was great fun to chat with. Angie was finishing her brothers afghan. Its just awesome. Mary was working on her thread shawl and it was just beautiful. Sandra was in the midst of making a turtle? I cant recall it was some kinda animal:) lol Verna was working on her knitting as well. Verna is really doing great she actually drove herself to the meet up.

  Well Im working on the unexpected shawl and Terrys country blue aghan. Have a blessed day and Ill be backkkkkkk!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just bummed out here in Vegas

Well Im destined to have surgery:( Im due to go under the knife(sic) on May 9th. Ive been encouraged by friends to not worry about it. I will only be down for about a week. I really dont know how long I will have to be a way from my beloved? Curves:) lol Maybe a couple of weeks.

  Ive been  so wrapped up in making my mom her doily for Mothers Day that I have tons of patterns I want to try out sitting next to my desk. There are so many wonderful free patterns coming out of Annies Attic Free pattern site. If you want to go check the site out it here Annie's Attic - Home. I just love getting a new pattern every day.

  Well Ill keep you all posted on my surgery I just know you really want all the details:) lol Have a great day. And dont forget to crochet a few stitches for me along the way!

Saturday, April 22, 2006



  Ive been under the weather as of late. Its my old nasty gall bladder. The doc says its time it comes out so out it will go. May 9th I will have the surgery. Its a in one day out same day surgery:) In and out thats what I like. They, meaning all Ive chatted with about this procedure say I will feel 100% better instantly. Say prayers if you can Id appreciate them.

  Im working on my moms Mothers Day gift Ive decided to make her a doily. I found a real pretty one of wheat design. Very lacy I do hope she likes it and please pray I get it finished before the surgery:)

  I have been working on squares and I have even started a afghan for the hubby. He picked out the color from Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue very pretty color. I enjoy crocheting with Carons Simply Soft very smooth yarn.

  Well I will try and get back here sooner than later . Have a great day!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Just fooling around


  Ive been fooling around with my crochet as of late. Im suppose to be making squares but Im geting a little tired of them:) lol Ive been making some cute little coasters for myself. Ive been doing spring cleaning as you all know and Ive decided that I need to protect my tables:) When I get them completed Ill put up a pic for you all to see.

  You know there is so much going on in crochet lately I just cannot keep up. I really want to try my hand at Freeform Crochet. It looks like a lot of fun and just to go buy me some interesting textured yarn will be fun in itsself:) I just love texture yarn!

  Im looking at buying a few more crochet hooks. Crochet Dude Drew mentioned a really cool crochet hook on his site yesterday that Im really interested in. The man,  Jimbo's Front Porch  makes them from old apple trees and such on his property. That sounds so earthy to me. I cant wait to bid on a few of his hooks. Go check out his site.

  Well Ill be back sooner than later have a great day!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Turf wars


  Im sorry Ive been away lately. Ive been spring cleaning the house. I have a 3100 square foot house and Im exhausted just thinking that Im only half way done:) My daughter Abbea has been the driving force behind the cleaning. Now I just have my 2 bedrooms to clean out and decorate for the summer:) Yippee!

  Well, I went over to and she was chatting about the little turf war knitters and crocheters have with each other. She directed us to a video at so go and check out the real cool video. Its very insightful:) Thanks Dee for the little direction, I love that you keep me updated in the crochet and knitting world. Good luck with the knitting. I did try the knitting but it is just way to slow for me. All I kept thinking about while knitting is how fast I could have finished the project if I would have crocheted it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Crochet sightings


  Can you believe it I saw two more sightings of a crochet items. The first was from JCPennys they showed a very nice lady wearing a crocheted pineapple skirt. It was very lovely. Then the second sighting was from a Dove commercial with the woman wearing a crocheted halter top. It looked to be done in thread. It was very cute!

  This really is crochet month because everywhere I go and everything I watch lately is crocheted! lol

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Jack in the Box


  I was watching TV last night and noticed on the Jack in the Box commercial that the girl that sits down with Jack was wearing a really cute crocheted sweater. Did any of you notice it. At first I thought it was tie dyed t shirt but up close you can tell its crocheted! I just thought I would let you know what I found :) lol

Friday, March 17, 2006

Just hangin'


  Ive been promising you my pics of the squares Ive been making. My daughter Abbea took the little do hickie that transfer my camera pics to the computer and has yet to bring it back:( lol Ill get on her tomorrow ok?

  Im a little frustrated about my crocheting at the moment. I really want to make something awesome I just cant figure out what that is:) Im thinking of making a felted item out of crochet. Maybe a big ol bag. I can not find a pattern for a big ol bag but I think I can make one up. Wish me well!

Have a very Happy St. Patricks Day!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

People seeking people:)


  I had the best day today. Diane from Florida in the panhandle wrote to me and she liked my blog:) Thanks Diane. I never know if someone is ever reading my blog. LOL But tada here you are! Im thrilled that people are reading my blog.

  Well my group of ladies from HooksnGrannies have successfully made the move over to CrochetGrannys. Im so happy that most of the ladies have come on over to visit. I really enjoy them all. They are like family to me. I would have really missed chatting and reading about their day today lives.

  Well have a blessed day all! Let me hear from you I would love to know who is visiting my blog

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A bummer day


  Im very sadden by the passing of HooksnGrannies group on yahoo. I have been a member of this group for 3 years and I for one will miss it terribly. I know they did start another group called I dont know yet what exactly they are going to be doing there yet. Maybe just chit chat or hopefully they will be doing some charity work. I do hope all the ladies will come back and join in.

  Rhonda was and still is a great list mom. I pray that her life gets settled and that she enjoyes her life. I wish her well.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Im back:)


  Ive been busy making squares and having a lot of fun doing it:) I went to the crochet group meeting on Tuesday night. Angela and Verna were there and we had a wonderful time. We are making squares for our charity drive we are starting. Angie decided that I would be the first one to put a afghan together :) lol Oh fun!

  As soon as I get my camera back from my daughter I will take some pics of my squares. I recieved my new Stitch and B*tch Crochet book in the mail. I really enjoyed reading about crochet. I just seem not to be able to get enough of it. I also recieved my Piecework magazine and there was just not enough articles in that magazinme for me, I read it from front to back inside and out! lol

  Well Illl be back with pics I promise! 

Monday, March 6, 2006

Update on what Ive been up too


  Ive been busy with crocheting squares. You know how I mentioned earlier that Ive been playing around with designing. Well let me tell you it is harder than it looks! I can design but I have trouble putting the pattern down on paper. Boy is it difficult. But Im not giving up on it Ill keep trying:) But I have been wroking on squares Ive made maybe about 4 differant designs. Ive also been working on 12 inch squares.

  As you can see I posted a pick of my tissue cover. It was so simple to make. It turned out great too. Ive gotten alot of compliments on it:)

  Say did any of you get a chance to see Lily Chins new show Stitchcraft? I liked it because it had great fiber items. But there was not enough mention of crochet for my taste:) But you know me they could have talked about crochet on every subject and it still would not have been enough:) lol I do hope they bring it back. It was great fun watching how they designed the articles for the show.

  Well have a great week Ill be back with pics of my squares next time:)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My little yellow chickie


  Look what hubby brought home to me the other night:) He is so cute and soft. My Max(Rottweiller/Bullmastiff) wants it as a chew toy! I told him noway thats its my toy. lol

  Ive been working on a square I designed. Now I just have to write up the pattern:) Boy Im exhausted already just thinking about it! When I get it perfected Ill take a pic of it then you all can see :) Now I just have to figure out how to copywrite something. Do any of you know how to do that? Im totally lost I just know Im suppose to copywrite it.

  Well Im off to do some more crocheting:) Have a great weekend folks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New show on Oxygen


  I received my CGOA newsletter in todays emails. They mention in the letter that Lily Chin is hosting a new show on knitting and crochet called Stitchcraft. It will be airing on the Oxygen channel starting on Sunday, March 5th, at 3 pm. Go and check it out. The more people who watch the show the more they will air! Go check out their site at and see if they have any more information about the show.

  I think its very exciting that we get our very own show about crochet thats suppose to be coming on Do It Yourself. Send them a email if you get a chance and ask when it will be airing. The more they know sho wants to see the programs the more we will see the shows. 

  Well Ive been busy making squares. Ive decided to design some of my own to see if I can do it or not. Wish me good trails! Ill take some pics when I finish some of my own squares. Ive been so encouraged by the emails that I have been getting from CGOA and CPList they all souind so up lifting about designing your own items so Im going to give it a shot.

  Have a great day!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Im still here!


  Ive been working on my crochet and just having a blast with it all. I was just at Crochet and she is having a really nice long week of birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Dee!

  Ive been working on differant squares to make for my charity items. Thats been so much fun. Im going to go see the movie Below Eight today after church:) Im taking my sweater because just looking at all that snow I think Ill be cold! haha

  Well when I get a few things finished Ill be back to let you know how it all goes, Have a very blessed day!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just another Saturday


  Heres a little bear I made for my nieces daughter Madison. I was playing around with my yarn and came up with this little bear:) I think its the cutest little bear. She is suppose to have a crown on her head but I just made her a hat instead:) lol

  Ive been meeting new people this week. I met Carole from HooksnGrannies and she lives here in Vegas. I invited her to come out to our crochet group meeting. I do hope she shows up we just love lots of crocheters getting together!

  We are hoping that we can get around 6 ladies to join CGOA so we can start a chapter here in Las Vegas. That would be fun huh? Well Ive been working on the a new square for a new afghan Im in the midst of making. The colors are sage, light peach and off white made from Caron Simply Soft yarn. Its turning out really pretty. Ill take a pic and post some time this week for you all can see it.

  Well have a great weekend and Ill be back in a few days!

Thursday, February 9, 2006

LVCrochet Group meeting


  I went to our local LVCrochet meeting tonight. We had such a great time. We did miss our Mary Brady though. I took a few pics so you can see some of our members. Dana was working on the most beautiful baby afghan. Adrienne was working on her coin purse and dishcloths( we couldnt keep up with her she kept on changing before our eyes what she was working on) Angela was showing off her tattoo, I cant wait to see it in full color! And Angela was working on her brothers afghan. Sandra brought her knitting along(see we let you knit in our crochet group). I thought it real cute to show you my half eaten dinner. Sorry!

  We had a great night I do hope everyone can make the next meeting. So if you live in Las Vegas come on by we will be at the Outpost on Rainbow Blvd. at 7 pm Feb. 21st. Hope to see you there and dont forget your crochet projects! We love show n tell

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Annies Attic site


  I found the cutest page on Anies Attic site and wanted to share with you all. YOu can check out the page by clicking on this Annie's Attic - Hooks & Humor: Funny Crochet Definitions The difinitions are so cute.

  I also want you know that I went off to Catherines clothing store last night to buy a pair of workout pants. I got a nice size pair too! Well They had a magazine there called Figure and in it they had a really cool article called Hooked on Crochet. They had several pages of crocheted shirts and sweaters that had been crocheted. I really need to loose some weight so I can order a few of these cute shirts.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Curves recruit


  I thought I would let you know what Ive been up to for the past week. I joined Curves! Can you believe it? I am taking the classes with my friend Karen. She has been my friend for over 30 years. So she knows how Ive struggled with my weight.

  I am truely very sore. But I just have faith that I will get better at this. So please if you think about me please say a prayer I can use all the support I can get.    

babies booties

  Heres a little pic of some of the booties I made for my new nieces baby Madison. She was born on Tuesday afternoon she weighed 5 lbs 1 ounce. tiny huh? I havent been able to get over there to see the baby so I can give her the goodies I made for her but I will!

  Ive been busy making squares for the afghans we at HooksnGrannies are making for the miners and making little items for the baby. Next we are making items for the seniors outreach that we are doing:) Im very excited about this out reach. Do any of you have any great ideas or patterns on what to make? Im open to suggestions.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Catfish Buffet

I went out on a date with the hubby tonight:) We went to Hushpuppies for all you can eat catfish. They even had all you can eat crab legs but hubby wanted catfish! I cannot eat like I used to be able to eat because I only ask for seconds once ( really I didnt even have to ask she brought the basket with out us having  to ask!)

  They even served us all you can eat shrimp right along with the catfish! Man was it good. But now you know I must get back to Curves tomorrow to work off all that fish:) lol

  Well I just thought you might like to know what I was upto tonight. I did get in a little crochet. I made a big gingerbread man. You remember my gingerbread men I made for the holidays I wanted to make one that was bigger to see how they would look. But I really want to make them soft and adorable I just need to get the right yarn. So that means a trip to the yarn store. Yipee

UPDATE: I found the pattern for the gingerbread man here gingerbread man. Dee I hope you like this pattern he was so fun to make:)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Miners Squares

Heres a little pic of my work. These are squares for the miners afghans we at are doing for the families that had a loved one pass in the mining camps. I loved making this square it was really pretty completed. I made 12 of them and Im mailing them out tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well heres little Ziaher wearing the sweater I made a while back if you remember. I was so pleased that if fit her so well. And it was her birthday. She just turned 1 years old:) Yipee!

  The dog that is playing with her is my little pug Chico. He could not get enough of her. They played great together.

  Well I sent off that book marker a few weeks ago remember? Well if got lost in the mail so I had to make more. I have had a blast making book markers now Im inspired into making some doilies:) We will see if I get them done or not, Stay tuned!

Friday, January 27, 2006

squares athon

Come one come all to Micheals. They will supply the yarn and we make the squares for charity:) What fun!

They will even give participants a 25% discount on your order of yarn:) I hope to see you all there!

Monday, January 23, 2006

My craft room

Well I did mention a few months ago that I would take some pics of my craft room for you all. This is the un messed up room:) Can you tell I tried to tidy up for you all? In the middle of my room I have a big cross (as you can see) I got it from TJ a few years back when I lived somewhere else than this house, I didnt have anywhere to hang it so I put it to be over my yarn!

  I cant wait to add more buckets of yarn to my stash. I have about 8 more buckets to use up.

  Im working on making 7 inch squares for the miners who lost their lives a few weeks ago. We at  decided to make the families an afghan each. Im so proud of being able to participate with this group of ladies. We truly desire to do what the Lord would like us to do. If anyone wants to join in with us just visit their site and join in!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Just checking in with you all

Well folks, Ive been couped up making baby booties for my niece who is about to pop with a baby girl:) Ive been making her items all along. I just found the cutest patterns for baby cloths over at . Im thinking about making a few of those for her too. Ill be back with some pics as soon as I get them all finished.

  Have a great night and Ill be back later.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A day in my life

Ladies, Ive been busy today. As you know Im quite a big girl and my doc suggests that I get off my tush and excersize. So my friend Karen and I went over to Curves to check out their routine. It looks simple to understand and I think I can do it. So I ask you to please keep me in your prayers. We are going to go next Wednesday for a free week of work outs. Ill keep you updated!

  I have a Crochet Group meeting tonight. Im going to take my Gothic aghan along to show the girls and see what they think of it. Have a great night !

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A vote for Dee, is a vote for Crochet


  My good friend Dee over at is in the running to be the best crochet blog around. Take a minute and go vote for her or if there is someone else you would like to nominate go do it! You can go vote at . I think you need to scroll down to the middle of the page and look for Crochet with Dee in the best craft catagorie. Like I said a vote for dee is a vote for crochet!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Gothic afghan

well Folks,

  Here it is! The long awaited purple afghan Ive been telling you about. I finished it off with a reversed single crochet stitch around the whole round ripple afghan. Its like working with black you get bored real quick:) lol

  I put a pic of my new Q crochet hook. Aint it real pretty? I like it. I got a pattern book from ebay with all afghans made with a Q hook. Im going to make a real pretty afghan called January. Its in mostly white with a little ombre of blues in there. When I get a square finished for you Ill get a pic done up. Its a surprise for my daughter Abbea. She has been on me that I never make her anything. soooooo here it is!

  Well Ill chat with you all again real soon have a blessed day!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hello folks, Ive been busy making  my friend a afghan and Ive not takin a pic as of yet. When I get it done I will and let you see it:) . HooksnGrannies have decided to make afghans for the families of the miners that passed away. We thought we would show them some love from us. We are making 7 inch squares so if anyone out there wants to make sqaures you are always welcome to join in:) You can check out Hooks n Grannies at their web site Come one come all!

Monday, January 9, 2006

New baby caplet

 Well I got bored the other morning while I was crocheting a very purple afghan for a friend of mine. Im using the Homspun yarn called Gothic. Its almost black so know you know why I got tired of crocheting it! Im using the Round Ripple Afghan pattern using two strands held together through out. But as I was saying... I started another little cap project and here is the pic. It turned out really cute if I say so myself:) Heres the site where you can find the pattern . The site has several patterns to chose from. I loved making this hat Im thinking of making more for charity. What do you think?

  Well I got a great gift for my birthday from my son. He gave  me a 75.00 gift card for Joanns. I went today and bought a Ott light bulb for my lamp and I did buy 2 skeins of baby yarn:) Im waiting for a big sale on yarn and I want to make something awesome with the yarn:) Im thinking of making an afghan for my daughter. We will see...Well have a great night and Ill be back in a few days.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Blue Bookmarkers

Well here they are:) I made another YoYo bookmarker for my exchange. Because she wanted blues:) It was so fun to do thread crocheted that I played around and created my first ever book marker:) I suppose I could try and write out the pattern. But it did turn out nice If I must say so myself! lol

Friday, January 6, 2006

YoYo bookmarker

Ladies and Gents,

  Heres my new thread bookmarker. You can find the pattern at . Its very easy to make and I was making it for a Bookmark exchange I joined at I was so into it and then when I had it finished I thought I should get it into the mail. I do have till the 31st. I went into the where the bookmark exchange had all the address's listed. And to my surprise they even had color choices there!!! Can you believe it? I made mine in pink. Now I need to go get blue thread because I  dont have any blue thread in stock! lol

  Well as soon as I get the blue one made Ill take a pic and let you see that one too!I havent crocheted in thread in quite awhile and it was very satisfying. You should try it if you havent tried it as of yet. Well have a great night and Ill chat with you again.

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

busy sick days


  I was just watching TV and they showed a commercial about Queen Latifahs new movie "Last Holiday" and in it she mentions crochet:) I just thought you might like to know this tidbit. I love her talent. She is very funny and she sings awesomely! (is that a word?) Ill have to go see this movie when it comes out on the 13th of this month. When she mentions crochet she is rolling dice at a crap table. Its very funny!

  Well Ive been very sick with a nasty cold. But I have had time to crochet. Im working on my friends afghan that she asked for. I picked out Homespun yarn called Gothic. Its two tones of purple one dark and another a little lighter. I used my new Q hook from Sharkeys off of Ebay. It is so pretty! (the hook that is!) Im just doing a large granny square Im thinking of doing a Round Ripple afghan instead. Ill let you know if I change my mind:)

  Well have a great day and Ill be back a little later:)

Monday, January 2, 2006

Folks :)


Forgive me please:) My daughter has been helping me find graphics for my site that I can use. And she was showing me how to add a graphic image:) I know nothing about html. I suppose I should take a class and learn something about it. All I know how to do is to right click and copy:) lol Then right click and paste! Funny huh? Well Im trying thats all I can say. I just thought my page could use a little lift with some graphic images. What do you think?

  Heres a image I thought was cute..what do you think?

Sunday, January 1, 2006


Help me Im burning!

New Years Resolutions

Well I dont know if I will even keep one resolution. Im like that but I do better at trying . Heres my first of 5:

1) I want to do better with keeping my house. To get more organized and maybe just maybe get things thrown out instead of keeping every thing:) Now you know Im a pack rat!

2) To crochet more for charity and also for myself. I tend to crochet for everyone else and I never keep anything I crochet. It would be nice to look back on something I crocheted. Also Hooks n Grannies is having an awesome drive for charity crocheting and Im real scyked up for that!

3) To see more of my friends and to keep up with their lives in any way I can help them.

4) To get healthy especially excercising more! I eat ok I dont over endulge and but I dont excercise at all!

5) The last thing I want to do is to log more information for crochet here on my journal. I would like it to be more informative and helpful. So if any of you have any suggestions please let me know:)

Now have a very merry New Year!