Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sheilas Pony tail holder


  I just love making this pony tail holder my friend Sheila over at  Needles and Hooks made. Sheila is so very talented! If you want the pattern you need to go visit her blog and enjoy! I just love working it up it was very easy and my daughter Abbea loved it! Im going to make more for my granddaughters now:)

  Ive been working on a new afghan of scraps I got the idea from a pic :) Ill have pics up soon. The colors dont want to come through on my camera. I did the afghan in yellow, green, orange and reds. Its just as big as a lap afghan. Turned out very cute.

  Well Ill be back with more happy crocheting!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Been better


  Ive been under the weather as of late. I know I should get to the docs but Im lnot even wanting to go there. I know he will want to run tests and Im just not ready for that yet!

  The pics I have for you today were taken in San Diego when I went there to visit my aunt. Thats the second pic is of my Aunt Estell. She is the spitin image of my great grandmother. Isnt she beautiful? The first pic is of a plant I took out side of our room. So is pic 4 and 5 I just love taking pics of plants when Im off somewhere. The 3rd pic is of my mom Lorene. I just love taken pics of her when she is happy. And she is happy.

  I was just  reading Dees blog over at and she mentions that there is 3 count them 3 magazines going under this year. To read more go visit her site at CrochetWithDee. Im so bummed but I did go and sign up for the Interweave mag called InterweaveCrochet. Ive read it before and Im so stoked that they are offering it as a subscription go check it out if you get a chance. I cant wait for the next magazine.

  Ive been doodling with my crochet lately. Ive been making a heart bookmark with thread. As I get older it is harder to work with thread. Bummer! But Im going to make myself one of those wrist thread holder. I wish I could remember where I got the pattern I would list it here. I think I got it from Carol Alexander's newsletter but Im not quite sure. 

  Well have a great day and Ill be back sooner than later!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Christmas Stockings


  Here is the pics of my stockings that I promised you awhile ago. So sorry it took me so long to get it put up here!

  I was wondering if any of you know of a great place to send some baby hats to. Mostly premie hats. I just keep making them and I would love to send them to Africa or some other place that they would get used up. If you know of anywhere please leave an message for me here. I would really appreciate it. I did send some to Caps for the Capital but now that is over I want to keep making them.

  A really good friend of my hubbies and mine committed suicide the other day and we are missing him terribly. I know it really rough out in the world and my heart goes out to his family. If you think of it say a little prayer for those people who are struggling with depression. I know when I went throught a few years ago it was rough. But with all my friends praying for me and all I made it through. Please pray for my hubby Terry he has taken this really hard.

  Im gearing up for Valentines day. Im making Heart Filet bookmarks at the moment. Im trying to figure out what else I can make for Valentines day. Any suggestions?

  Well friends have a great day! Ill be back with more pics later this week.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Christmas Cookies

Ok friends,

  Here are pics of my long time friends Diane and Carol cookie our favorite cookies. Date cookies! Yummo!

  I just knew you wanted to see these pics so you would know I didnt just crochet the past month away:) I actually got out in the world and did Christmas things with friends! I hope you all had a great holiday as I did. I did crochet some :) haha Lots of stockings I have pics of those coming soon too! So beware:) haha The first pic you see on the right is Sharlee the one I made the Santa tote for. As you can tell she is around 23 now and I made the Santa tote for her very first Christmas:) I dont actuall bake or even help much in making thses cookies. Im there for moral support. Thats what they keep telling me:) haha. Those cookies are delish with a cup of hot tea! Yummy for my tummy. Its too bad Ill be on a diet soon and they will be just a memory! I hope I can remember them well when I think of them:) You know what I mean

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Santa Tote and pin cushion

Well friends,

  I was busy last night making this cute Santa tote for my friend Sherry. I made this tote over 20 years ago for my friend Dianes daughter Sharlee on her first Christmas. Shar;lee is now 23 years old. But last year she left it in her bedroom with candy in it and the mice got to it and ruined it. Her mom threw it out and didnt tell her til December of last year:) So she asked me to make her another one. But I had no idea where the pattern was for it. I know I still have it... its just where I have no idea:) heehee My friend Sherry told me she had the pattern. That I had given it to her over 20 years ago so she could make one for herself and she knew where the pattern was. So here is the results. The pattern came from a book from 1979.So I made Sharlee her tote (she was very happy about it) So I decided to make one for Sherry so she coud have one for herself. Because she does not know how to make one:) I do hope she likes it!

  Oh and the little pin cushion I made for myself last night while I watched TV with Terry my hubby.

Monday, January 1, 2007

  Im making black eyed peas and some wonderful other fun foods that Ive learned on Racheal Ray:) I wish you all could come and join me for a bowl of peas for great luck! heehee I know we really dont need luck but its all in fun:) Im praying you all have a really nice New Year! Now go crochet and have fun!