Monday, April 30, 2007

Another one of Dees hats


  My sister Jerri wanted me to make her a hat made from cotton so here it is. How do you like it? I used my new 3GStudio size N hook to make it. It turned out very lacy and soft. I used Debbie Bliss Cotton/Cashmere yarn and it feels wonderful. I need to call her and let her know I have a new hat for her. She has lost her hair now. She did get a really cool wig but I know she will like this new hat. I used Dees pattern and it worked up great. You can find her pattern over at her site CrochetWithDee. She loves sharing this pattern. An you will really enjoy her site,she has really cool crochet blogging going on there.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Hook

I know its not the nicest pic of the new hook. Im going to try and take another later today. I was so excited about this hook. Its a G3 Studios hook. They make the most awesome hooks made from many differant woods. I just love it. I went over to their site and they make bowls and pepper grinders aswell. If you get a chance go over and check them out. Heres a link to the site . G3 Studios .. I would love to get a hold of one of their bowls and even a pepper grinder or two:) They are so beautiful. I love the look of the woods.

  Well happy crocheting Im off to my thrapists office its my day for counciling:) heehee I need it too!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tribut to Pooh

Im very sadden tonight because I had to put my beloved Pooh down. For some reason starting this afternoon she started having small seizures the vet thinks she was having strokes. It started out with one around 11:00am then another one about 4 hours later. Then she started having them every few minutes. Till we decided we couldnt do anything for her and Shawn and Terry took her to the vets.

  Im going to miss her argueing with my bulldog Fefe and Im going to miss her crying at the door for bed time. She always went to bed with us at night.She was a great companion.

  I just wanted you all to meet a great animal. She is in heaven now for sure.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stupid is as stupid does

You will never believe that I made a really stupid mistake here on my blog last night:) heehee Remember I was telling you all about the surprise afghan I was making for my daughter Abbea? Well I totally forgot that she READS my blog here! haw haw haw.

  SO now it is no surprise at all! So here is a pic of the square Im making I only have 10 more to do and Im done all I need to do then is put it altogether Ill take another pic when I do put it all together for her. heehee I cant believe how messed up I am tonight:)

  OH have a great day today I know I will!

Jerri in hat

well friends,

  Here she is my sister Jerri wearing the hat that Dee sent her. She just loved it. Thanks Dee for the lovely hat. It is so very soft as well. Jerri has yet to loose her hair but we all know its coming. If you would like to make some of these cool hats you can get the pattern over at CrochetWithDee site. Just roam around and enjoy here blog and you will locate the pattern. Dee has some wonderful items and blogs about her crochet there I know you will all love it.

  Im in the middle of making my daughter a surprise afghan.  So nobody go and tell her. Its a granny square pattern. It has variegated flowers for the first row then green around the flower and then white with another row of yellow. I saw the square on someones I cant recall site and I loved the look. I did change a few things to make mine a little different but it is so pretty. I hope she like it. Ill take a pic when Im done with it. After that Im going to start on a ripple afghan. Im waiting for the book 200 Ripple patterns. I sent off for it a few days ago it should be here soon.

  The weather here is getting a little strange. Right now its windy as all get out. The air conditioner guy is suppose to be here in the AM to fix my unit. I hope the weather gets better or he wont come in the wind. I think he is afraid he might fall off the roof.

  Well I should be sleeping its 1:30 in the morning now and Im still wide awake. I hope none of you are awake at this hour if so GO TO BED! heehee

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh happy day

People People People:)

  Ive been busy crocheting as you can see. I made a few afghans for my friend Karen for a few friends of hers that are PG:)  I also made dresses they are so much fun to make. I think Ill make more:)

  Is a beautiful day here in Vegas. Its been a little overcast but its still nice. I see all the rotten weather back East and I say to myslef Im glad I live here in Vegas alltho I love

the East. I cant wait till I can visit again:)

  I joined the crochet along for Granny-Along squares it is so much fun:) Ive been making grannys all a long but now I have a more purpose. Im even thinking of joining the The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along. I havent decided yet tho.

 I love crochet oh yes I do!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Im back for a minute

My My Friends,

 Thanks to CrochetWithDee my sweet hubby bought me 10 I mean 10 skeins of the Marlene yarn that Dee uses to make her chemo hats out of. I just love the stuff! It is way soft. My sister will just love all the caps Ill be making her.

  My sweet friend Dee also made me the cutest little cap and mittens Ive ever seen. They are just to cute for words. Thanks Dee.

  Speaking of my sister...she just loved the cap that Dee sent to her and she put it on I did get a pic but Ive lost my cable for my camera to download to my computer. Ill go sometime this week and order another one if I have to.

Well I better get to bed its 2:30 am here and Ive got to get up early today! Tata for now!


Thursday, April 5, 2007

At long last


  Ive been away for quite awhile I know. But I have been busy with my sis' illness..She started chemo and she has only one treatment so far. She went yesterday and her white blood cells were to low to have her chemo treatment. If you pray could you please pray her white blood cells come back up so she can get treatment.

  Ok believe it or not I have been crocheting as well. My friend Karen asked me to make 2 baby afghans and some little outfits. I made the afghans no problemo and Ive made 2 dresses with matching panties and booties with of course caps to match. They are so cute. I have decided I love making baby items:)

  Now back to my sister Jerri. My teacher and my friend Dee over at  CrochetWithDee

makes these awesome caps for ladies that have chemo. She says they are the softest yarn you ever want to wear. So I mentioned to her that I was going to use the pattern she offers to all of us for personal or charity works. I went to my yarn room and pulled out what I thought was soft and that was Homespun in purple.( I would show you pics but I cant find the cable to download my pics from my camera) Well sweet Dee offered to send me a chemo cap for my sister Jerri to wear when she looses her hair.I recieved the cap in todays mail. Man o man is it soft. WOW I love the yarn. I cant wait till I see Jerri and give her the cap I know she will be thrilled to know that someone cared enough to send it to her. It is awesome THANKS Dee! Your a doll! Im taking pics but I need to locate my cable first before I can post them.

  Well Ill be back in a few days to post my update on my sis and let you all know how she liked the caps.