Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Relief Aid


Go to your local Red Cross and volunteer or donate to this very needed cause. Here is the national site they are taking donations 24 hours a day every day.

  They are saying on the news that they need money more than they need clothing or other items. So please every dollar is needed.

  Im praying that God is there for them and all the families stranded now due to Katrina.

Please pray for our goverment to be there and that they will be organized in their efforts to help all the people that need help.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy 3rd Birthday HooksnGrannies


  We just celebrated our 3rd year of being together at HooksnGrannies. We had a great time chatting away about old members and new members what great time we will have in the new year. We even had an old member come back tonight :) How wonderful for us and for her:)

  If you want to join a great crochet group Please feel free to ask Rhonda the list mom for an invite at the HooksnGrannies site. I know they would love to hear from you :)

  Have a blessed night!!


New site I found!


  I found the cutest site I wanted to share with you all:) It has some really cute crochet daffynitions she calls them. Heres the site to go check out

Ill be back real soon with some more pics. Ive been down with a nasty cough and just plain sick:( I go to the doctor today. Have a very blessed day!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Power outage:(


  Im not on the computer this weekend brecause we had an electrian come over to fix a problem we were having and he really screwed up and now we have NO power in the house. So Im staying over at my moms house. She is away on a trip so Im staying here till Monday when we had another electrian said that he could fix it on Monday!

  Im working on my knitted hat now that I have time to do it. I really wanted to have it completed by now but I ve been slurking off. I have found that I really enjoy crocheting more than knitting. But maybe I have not given it a fair shake. Ill keep on trying .....pray for me because I need it!

  Casara sara. till we meet again....

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Knit out 2005

I was reading this morning and she mentioned the 2005 Knit Out on her site. And she mentioened other sites to add the logo. I really dont know how to add logos on to my site other than add them in a picture way. But here is the sites address so you can go and check it out yourselves:)


Please go check it out and have fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Missing days


  Im sorry Ive missed a few days now. Ive been sick with a very nasty cough. It started out with a a very sore throat I went to my doc and he prescribed antibiotics and now I have no more sore throat:) But I have maintained a very nasty cough! Ive been on a very strong cough syrup and it helps me sleep but the cough lingers:( Oh well Ill be better some day!

  Ive finished my first 20 stockings and mailed them off to Rhonda in todays mail. I was so happy to get them mailed off. Now Im going to make another 20 or so. I really enjoy making them. As you can tell!

  I also was able to send off 24 Red, White and Blue squares for the Hero ghans we are making. Im really excited about sending them off I feel like at last I have accomplished something worth while:) Yipee!

  Well I made a very cute butterfly pillow the other day that was given to me by Sandra of the LVCrochet yahoo group. Ill take a pic of it tomorrow and you can all check it out:)

  Im thinking of taking the masters course from the Crochet Guild what do you all think? DO you think it would be worth my while? I  was thinking it may be exciting to do something that would better my crocheting:) Oh well I think Ill do it! Ill keep you up to date as I do it.

 Have a great day!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Helmet liners for the troops and more stockings



  I was reading my copy of Cast On for this month and they had a great story in there about supplying our troops with helmet liners. Here is a link to the site they mentioned Http:// Please feel free and go check this site out. It is for a very worthy cause. They give you a free pattern of a knitted liner as well as a crochet liner. I know that they would love any help we could give them. Heres to the soldiers! hip, hip, hooray!

  Well folks I went to my therapist yesterday, her name is Susan B. She is quite nice. And she enjoyed hearing of my having a journal. She said she may drop in and check it out. Heres hoping she likes it!

  Ive been making more christmas stockings. I got a great pattern off of a site that I enjoy very much. Ive added a pic of some of my stockings. They were great fun to make. Here is a site where I got the pattern for the second pic

.  Heres the site of the first pic of stockings . Ive tried these patterns and they were easy and great fun to make. I loved changing all the different colors and different trims. Please have fun making them.

I hope you enjoy these cute little stockings they were great fun to make. Ill take a pic in a while and post it so you can see them.

Well have a great day and Ill be back later! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Just musing along

Hi all:)

  I was just sitting here at 6:30 in the morning ( because hubby woke me up, and now he's a sleep!) And I was wondering what you all where doing? I was playing with my pics and thought I would show you my pics of my Valentine afghan I made. One of the pics is of my dear hubby Terry covered with it and another is me holding it up. I just thought you might like to take a look at my afghan. I want to make an afghan for every season. I need one for the fall. Ill have to get to looking for a pattern. If you have a suggestion plesae speak right on up!

  I dont have a clue on what to do but crochet this early in the morning. But Im still in the process of making stockings for the troops at Please take your time and go check out their site. Its a wonderful crochet for charity group of ladies. And a really cool site!

  Well folks, I better get to going and start crocheting. The hooks wont do it alone:) Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Adding a pic to my profile


  I have spent most of the day today trying to figure out how to add a pic to my Profile box:( I cannot figure it out. My pics as you can see (up above here)is on AOL Albums but when I go to put them on I have no idea what the address to them is! Why cant they make it as easy as it is to add pics to my journal pages....why I ask you why? LOL Oh well I really need to get back to crocheting  instead of playing with this journal page.

  Ive been continuing my quest of christmas stockings. I am on a roll now. Now Im coming up with patterns of my own. I really should write it down and put it here if anyone is interested. Let me know and Ill do it!

  Have a very blessed day and Ill chat with you again later:)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Finally my knitting project

Well I promised you a look at my attempt at knitting. Well here it is. As you can see I have not gotten very far with it. Ive had to frog stitch it out several times. And it was not easy using the mohair type yarn I choose to use. But I have learned nothing else but how to do the frog stitch:) I plan on finishing this in the next 2 weeks if I can. My teacher says if I finish this then I can attempt to make a pair of socks. Yipee! I cant wait.

  Well hubby is calling so Ive got to run now. Have a great day!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pics of Christmas stocking I made today

Well today Im going to attempt to add a pic to the page heres hoping it works! These are some Christmas stockings I made in the past few days. My group I belong to are making our troop in Iraq christmas stockings this year. We are going to add goodies to them so they will have a good treat!

  I also added my pic of a coaster I made yesterday. I just thought it was cute and that you might like to see it too.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 12, 2005

We started making christmas stockings for the troops today. Ive already made 3 booties. They are so somple Ill try and take a pic and put it up on the site. Ill be back later to show you my handi work.

Monday, August 8, 2005

Well here I am tonight wondering what you all have been working on. Ive finished with my Hero ghans squares. I needto mail them off to Fergie in a few days. I also have finished my secret sisters gift and I need to mail it off as well.
Ive started the knitted cap and I finally restarted knitting it since I had to frog stitch most of it. It is looking better:) I cant wiat to finish it and then start on my socks:) Pray for me I will need it!
Well I better get off of here. Ill be back with pics.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Knitting a cap

Well, Im learning to knit a cap using circular needles. This is what my teacher wants me to do before I learn to knit socks. So Im struggling to do this cap,

  Im using pink somewhat mohair yarn. So far I have done the ribbing. I have done 2 rows of the pattern and just learned I have done the wrap stitch all wrong... now Im learning the frog stitch:) Im learning very well that this mohair kinda yarn is hard to frog.

  Ill take a pic the next time on here so you can see my progress. Have a blessed day!