Friday, January 13, 2006

Gothic afghan

well Folks,

  Here it is! The long awaited purple afghan Ive been telling you about. I finished it off with a reversed single crochet stitch around the whole round ripple afghan. Its like working with black you get bored real quick:) lol

  I put a pic of my new Q crochet hook. Aint it real pretty? I like it. I got a pattern book from ebay with all afghans made with a Q hook. Im going to make a real pretty afghan called January. Its in mostly white with a little ombre of blues in there. When I get a square finished for you Ill get a pic done up. Its a surprise for my daughter Abbea. She has been on me that I never make her anything. soooooo here it is!

  Well Ill chat with you all again real soon have a blessed day!

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