Monday, January 23, 2006

My craft room

Well I did mention a few months ago that I would take some pics of my craft room for you all. This is the un messed up room:) Can you tell I tried to tidy up for you all? In the middle of my room I have a big cross (as you can see) I got it from TJ a few years back when I lived somewhere else than this house, I didnt have anywhere to hang it so I put it to be over my yarn!

  I cant wait to add more buckets of yarn to my stash. I have about 8 more buckets to use up.

  Im working on making 7 inch squares for the miners who lost their lives a few weeks ago. We at  decided to make the families an afghan each. Im so proud of being able to participate with this group of ladies. We truly desire to do what the Lord would like us to do. If anyone wants to join in with us just visit their site and join in!

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