Sunday, December 30, 2007

                                       happy birthday pic - 3182

Today is my 52nd birthday:) Yipee I made it. Ive had a great day. It started out with my sweet boy Shawn giving me a coin purse along with the purse to match it. Its a Coach purse whatever that means. I dont know brands at all. But he was excited about it:) I love it. Id show you a pic but to my sadness my camera (which is new) has died out and Im going to go exchange it asap that mean tomorrow:) Shawn gave me a little cluch purse for Christmas and I loved it so he decided to give me the whole purse for my birthday!
Then I went off to church and had a great time. The church as a whole is going to be doing the Daniel Fast for the month of Janurary. I dont think I can do that with my diabetes so Im going to give up deserts and chocolate for the month. Pray that I stick to it!
Then after church I went to have lunch with my friend Karen and her mom Irene. They took me to the Red Lobster. And we all had the special with a small lobster and king snow crab and shrimp scampi oh yea a baked potatoe. I could not eat it all so I brought home the scampi and the baked potatoe for dinner later:) yummie
My mom was just here and she bought me some yarn with a new bag for yarn. I love it. who wouldnt love yarn anytime of the year! not me LOve LOve LOve it!heehee
My sister sent over a really cute bath set pomegranite(sp?) and a gift card to Borders:) Love that too. There could be a new crochet book out there I dont have yet:) I just know there is.
Ok friends Ive had a great day full of fun and excitement. Ill see you next year for sure! Oh happy day!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Oh what a week Ive had. But as good as God is is Fansatic! Ive been awaken a new today! Ive been filled with new invigoration. Im going to get to making new baby booties for the pastors new grandson Isaac I dont know if they spell it that way but I do:) Im going to do my regular old booties nothing special. Ill take a pic and maybe put the pattern up for you all to do to! I know you want to!
I had a great CHRISTmas and everyone seemed to have one too! I missed Jerri but I know she is singing with the angels. I got a really neat Cuisinart blender/Smoothie dispencer/food processor from my friend Karen. Terry got me yarn YIPEE I love yarn for CHRISTmas. My daughter got me something but she forgot to give it to me so I dont know yet! My son bought me a Coach little purse for my purse. Its so cute. My grandkids got everything they asked for so they were happy.
My birthday is on Sunday and Ill be 52 years old. I love it I cant wait I made it Yippeeeeeeee.
Ok Ill be back later to show you the booties and maybe the pattern. Ok Ill do the pattern my gift to you all. Have a great day!


Sunday, December 23, 2007


My Friends,
I want to tell you how thankful I am to have such sweet friends as you all are. With my sister passing last week you have all sent your prayers. Thank you!
Well here is my tree this year. I didnt get very many ornaments up on it this year. My daughter Abbea came over and put it up for me. She is sweet that way! It still turned out cute , dont you think?

The cute little sachet is from eBay. Isnt it cute and it smells awesome. I have no idea what the smell is tho:) I bid a silly amount on this item and it came with a thimble and two small scissors. I think I got it all for less that 10 dollars thats including S&H. Its needlepoint and just so sweet. I think one of the things Im going to try and do next year is start (again)to shop at thrift stores. I miss the great deals I get on pretty things. Im trying to decorate my house again. When I moved in this house over 6 years ago I was in the middle of a dark point in my mind. I feel like God has lifted it and now I can see the pretty things again. I want to make my house a home again with pretty roses and angels and lots of crocheted lace:) Yipee here I go ashopping!
Ok have a very blessed CHRISTmas and remember why we celebrate in the first place!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jerri Esposito 7-4-1957 / 12-12-2007

I know that you all have been praying for my sister Jerri. She went to be with the Heavenly Father on Wednesday Dec. 12 at 1:30pm in her sleep. She went very quietly and peacefully. She will be greatly missed by her daughter Jenny and her family that she leaves behind. We thank you all for your prayers.
Remember to hug your loved ones this year in memory of Jerri.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Jerri Esposito

My friends,
Ive come to you today so you may see my sister Jerri and maybe you could say a prayer for her. She is now in the hospital and she is suffering. I would very much like you to pray that God will release the suffering and she could have peace. I know this is not the time to bother you all with this sad news but I know Jesus would love to hear from you at this time of the year not that He wouldnt love to hear from you any other time :) Please stop and say a small prayer for Jerri Esposito she is 50 this year and she has a very sweet little girl named Jenny. I love you all for your prayers and I pray that God will bless you and yours this time of the year and always. Im posting a pic of my sister that was taken a few weeks ago actually on Thanksgiving day this year.


Saturday, December 1, 2007


Im really sorry Ive been gone but my old computer died on me and now I have a new computer and Im having all kinds of fits getting it where I like it:) You all must know the feelings of loosing a old friend and getting a new friend.
I tried to add a pic of my Christmas hat so if it comes thru great if not then boohoo. Its a really cute hat I cocheted the flower it was so easy to make. I have no idea what pattern I used to make the flower.
Well I have started me Christmas shopping and Im just about done. And I did pretty much 98% online this year. All I have let to buy pretty much is my furbabies and my dear hubby. I have no idea what to buy hubby, Do any of you have any ideas for me?
Well happy shopping and crochet away.....