Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Baby Afghans are finished!


  I did it! Just in time I finished the two baby afghans I promised my friend Karen. The first one you see is the baby girl afghan and as you can see I made a little cap to go with it. I found the cutest little pacifier button to embellish the caps with. And as you see on the second pic is the boy afghan and I added the pacifier in blue to his cap. I also found these cute little charms that say things like "made for you' or "handmade for you". So I added one each to each cap as well. I loved making them both.

  I forgot all about doing a crochet along with my crochet group here in Vegas The LV Hookers:) Its to be a christmas stocking. I finished one now Im working on number two as soon as I finish Ill take a pic and let you see them they are so cool. What fun to start a christmas item Yipee! Christmas is coming!

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