Thursday, February 22, 2007

golden Vally Arizona Day Trip


  I took alittle trip over to Golden Valley Arizona over the weekend with my good friend Karen. We left early on Sunday for a nice ride of about 2 hours. We stopped on our way to eat at Cracker Barrel. Wonderful food! I love going there to see what they are selling in the little store. Just love it!

  We had a wonderful time. There was a storm brewing and it smelled like a nice rainy day. We loved Karens property it looks great. I could not believe all the people living out there. I wouldnt mind buying some of the land and building a little place there. But Terry has differnet plans for our retirment and it means staying in Vegas I think:) Ill let you know when we decide.

  Well I hope you like the pics of Hoover Dam they are building a overpass from Arizona to Nevada and its due to be completed around 2010 or about that. Its just awesome what they are doing. Its really cool to see how they are building there.

  Oh k Ive got to get off of here Terry wants the computer and I need to get to bed. Im babysitting the grandkids for a few weeks and I need my rest to keep up with them.

  Have a great day!


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friends everywhere I look

Here the latest book Ive aquired. I was very pleasantly surprised to find my friend Dees site mentioned in here CrochetWithDee look on top of page 190. If you want a really cool book to read about crochet here it is! I loved it. I could not put it down. The patterns where just ok for me but they are simple to hard. Do enjoy and run out and buy this little book. I know you will just love it!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Felting gone right


  Im so syked about felting:) I made the little Victorian Thread Holder last week and I thought what would happen if I made this little diddy in wool and felt it. And here is what happened. I just love it. I took the pic of the little thread holder next to the same pattern worked using a N crochet hook and Lionbrands Felting wool. I think it turned out really cool. Im totally hooked with this felting gig! And the Lionbrand felting wool worked great. Im thinking of putting in a liner but that means I need to open that sewing machine that is still in the shrink wrap:) Hubby bought it for me a little over 2 years ago and Ive still not opened it up. Now or never! haha.

  Well heres to you a great crocheting day!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Victorian Thread Holder


  I started Carol Alexander's pattern for the Victorian Thread Holder on Tuesday and I finished today:) Yipee! I love it. It was so easy to make just incredible. I usually dont do thread much anymore but I just wanted to make one of these holders because it looked so cute! And it is!

  My granddaughter was over Thursday night and noticed my Crochet! Magazine and she just loved one of the shrugs in there so I am now commissioned for maybe a dollar to make her a shrug:) I think this will be fun because all Ive ever made were baby sweaters. This will be a first for me. And my friend Karen which I made the baby afghans for once me to make her another one and she has a friend that once to pay me to make her one as well. Wow Im going to be alittle busy for sure:) haha oh fun back to the store for more yarn:) heehee

  I hope you like the pics Ill see you in the funny papers:) heehee haha snicker snicker!

A little here a little there


  How have you been lately? Ive been a little under the weather or maybe just a little depressed but I have not let that stop me from my crochet. Ive been a little busy with it! As you can see I made a scrap little afghan with some of my stash that I really need to do stuff with to justify buying more yarn:) Thats my goal!

  Pic number 3 is of the new book everyone is chatting about. I recieved it the same day it showed up on Dees site over at CrochetWithDee. She even has a few patterns in there her ownself and very nice ones I must say! I love them... I might even make them as well. So if you get a chance check the book out or better yet go buy one its great!

  The 4th pic, as you can see you really cant make it out, is a little purse Im making. Or really a coin purse or even a credit card holder. haha I saw this little purse made up as a big purse on DIYs Uncommon Threads. I cant recall who made the big purse all I did was make it little :) haha Im going to attempt to put a zipper in it. Ive never done that before so heres hoping it works out. Ill keep you updated about it!

  Ok I dont recall if I let you all know that Las Vegas Hookers is now part of CGOA isnt that great? Yipee! Oh yea lets not forget about Valentines day is a coming around pretty soon. I found this really cute pattern for a Heart potholder heres the site if you want to go check it out your own self! Textured Heart Kitchen Set they were made by Priscilla Hewitt. They are really cute as I make a pair for my Mom Ill let you know how it goes:)

  Have a happy and very blessed day!