Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Catfish Buffet

I went out on a date with the hubby tonight:) We went to Hushpuppies for all you can eat catfish. They even had all you can eat crab legs but hubby wanted catfish! I cannot eat like I used to be able to eat because I only ask for seconds once ( really I didnt even have to ask she brought the basket with out us having  to ask!)

  They even served us all you can eat shrimp right along with the catfish! Man was it good. But now you know I must get back to Curves tomorrow to work off all that fish:) lol

  Well I just thought you might like to know what I was upto tonight. I did get in a little crochet. I made a big gingerbread man. You remember my gingerbread men I made for the holidays I wanted to make one that was bigger to see how they would look. But I really want to make them soft and adorable I just need to get the right yarn. So that means a trip to the yarn store. Yipee

UPDATE: I found the pattern for the gingerbread man here gingerbread man. Dee I hope you like this pattern he was so fun to make:)


crochetwithdee said...

I can't have seafood, but I do love your gingermen!  :)

I don't recall ... can you share where you got the pattern, or if it's your own?  

sybina1960 said...

Just thought I would say hi and let you know I dropped in to take a peek.  I look forward to seeing you at the next crochet meeting February 7th.