Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Just bummed out here in Vegas

Well Im destined to have surgery:( Im due to go under the knife(sic) on May 9th. Ive been encouraged by friends to not worry about it. I will only be down for about a week. I really dont know how long I will have to be a way from my beloved? Curves:) lol Maybe a couple of weeks.

  Ive been  so wrapped up in making my mom her doily for Mothers Day that I have tons of patterns I want to try out sitting next to my desk. There are so many wonderful free patterns coming out of Annies Attic Free pattern site. If you want to go check the site out it here Annie's Attic - Home. I just love getting a new pattern every day.

  Well Ill keep you all posted on my surgery I just know you really want all the details:) lol Have a great day. And dont forget to crochet a few stitches for me along the way!

Saturday, April 22, 2006



  Ive been under the weather as of late. Its my old nasty gall bladder. The doc says its time it comes out so out it will go. May 9th I will have the surgery. Its a in one day out same day surgery:) In and out thats what I like. They, meaning all Ive chatted with about this procedure say I will feel 100% better instantly. Say prayers if you can Id appreciate them.

  Im working on my moms Mothers Day gift Ive decided to make her a doily. I found a real pretty one of wheat design. Very lacy I do hope she likes it and please pray I get it finished before the surgery:)

  I have been working on squares and I have even started a afghan for the hubby. He picked out the color from Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue very pretty color. I enjoy crocheting with Carons Simply Soft very smooth yarn.

  Well I will try and get back here sooner than later . Have a great day!


Monday, April 10, 2006

Just fooling around


  Ive been fooling around with my crochet as of late. Im suppose to be making squares but Im geting a little tired of them:) lol Ive been making some cute little coasters for myself. Ive been doing spring cleaning as you all know and Ive decided that I need to protect my tables:) When I get them completed Ill put up a pic for you all to see.

  You know there is so much going on in crochet lately I just cannot keep up. I really want to try my hand at Freeform Crochet. It looks like a lot of fun and just to go buy me some interesting textured yarn will be fun in itsself:) I just love texture yarn!

  Im looking at buying a few more crochet hooks. Crochet Dude Drew mentioned a really cool crochet hook on his site yesterday that Im really interested in. The man,  Jimbo's Front Porch  makes them from old apple trees and such on his property. That sounds so earthy to me. I cant wait to bid on a few of his hooks. Go check out his site.

  Well Ill be back sooner than later have a great day!

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Turf wars


  Im sorry Ive been away lately. Ive been spring cleaning the house. I have a 3100 square foot house and Im exhausted just thinking that Im only half way done:) My daughter Abbea has been the driving force behind the cleaning. Now I just have my 2 bedrooms to clean out and decorate for the summer:) Yippee!

  Well, I went over to and she was chatting about the little turf war knitters and crocheters have with each other. She directed us to a video at so go and check out the real cool video. Its very insightful:) Thanks Dee for the little direction, I love that you keep me updated in the crochet and knitting world. Good luck with the knitting. I did try the knitting but it is just way to slow for me. All I kept thinking about while knitting is how fast I could have finished the project if I would have crocheted it!