Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from Cambria


  We had the best time in Cambria, California. It was so cool 67 degrees compared to Vegas' heat of  112 degrees. We really enjoyed the inn we stayed at called the Cambria Shores Inn. This inn lets you bring your pets. We didnt but it was so cool to see so many dogs. As you can see by the pics I really enjoyed our Inn. There was outside seating to over look the Pacific Ocean which was just across the street. We sat out there every night and watched the sunset. As you can tell by my pics I took more but I thought you might not like to see every days sunsets:)

  We ventured into the small town of Cambria and I found their local yarn store. They had wonderful yarn. I did buy some yarn and I bought the cutest little yarn bag made from Vietnam. You can see me holding the bag in the pics. Ill take a better pic of it later and the yarn so you can see them.

  Ive been reading and  and they are both having a great time  at the CGOA conference. It really makes me wish I could attend a conference some day. They are having a conference next year close to me so maybe I can talk Terry into letting me attend. Lets pray he will. I know the girls at our local crochet group are planning a trip.

  Ok Ill be back later with more on the trip and a few more pics. Have a very cool day!


wipforever said...

Wow!  Love the pics!  We're sweltering here in northern Ohio too.  Weird that California was only 67.  I think tomorrow we're supposed to be up to 97.  YUCK!

Beautiful sunset too!  

Hope to see more pics from you, Sherri.  Especially of the yarns you bought!

I too am envious that Dee got to go to the conference.  Seems like she had a truly wonderful time there.  

Take care,

crochetwithdee said...

It looks like you had a most fantastic time, Sherri!!