Friday, November 3, 2006

Yikes I goofed!!


  These are not the best pics of my second afghan Ive been working on. Its white with baby blue. You will not believe it but I spilled hot coffee on this and Im so bummed. Im washing it right now to see if I can get the coffee out of it. I had to go get baby soap because I dont have a baby to do laundry for:) If the coffee comes out then I ll take a new pic so maybe you can see the edging I did on this one. Well Ive completed them both now and Im making matching baby caps for them aswell. How cute!

  Tommorrow Im going to start on my scarves for Dee over at CrochetWithDee she is having a little challenge by making 60 scarves in 60 days. I just love challenges.

  Ok have a great night Im off to get dinner.

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wipforever said...

Oh no!!!!  Sorry about the coffee!!!  Hopefully, it will come out.  You might be able to find info on the internet about how to remove coffee stains if it doesn't.  I think in the past I've heard to use white vinegar but don't quote me.  Just hope that you don't manage to set any stains by drying the blanket before they are out.

Take care!