Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I live in the wrong side of the Country


  Ive decided that I live on the wrong side of the country. I went to CrochetWithDee and   My Hooks and Needles. They attended the "Knit-Out 2006 and Crochet" Event in New York. Im totally jealous. I live in Las Vegas Nevada and we have many conventions here but they never have conventions for yarn or knit or even crochet conventions. I really need to think about moving back there. I just need to convince my hubby. I know they have casinos back east so there is a possibility.

  You really should go visit their sites they will make you want to be there as well. Well Im still working  Caps for the Capital for the babies I have 40 or so done now . Im going to make at least 50. Ive been doing so many different patterns and Ive reallyenjoyed coming up with the patterns. Now I was thinking about writing the pattern out and posting them here on my blog. What do you all think? Ive never written a pattern before but I will try and see what I can come up with.

  Ok have a great week and Ill be back real soon.


crochetwithdee said...

Hi Sherri,
Maybe if you can't move to this area then possibly another vacation???  :)  Would you believe the leaves here have already started to turn color?  They haven't announced a date for the 2007 KOC2 yet, but usually it's held somewhere in the Sept/Oct months.  Something to think about, right?  :)

Forty hats!  You go girl!!!  :D

Thinking of you,

wipforever said...

Yes, Dee has that knack for making you feel like you should've been there.  Perhaps someday we will both go and join the fun!

I'm very impressed with your 40 hats!  You go, girl!  

If you were to post a simple pattern, I'd be happy to test it out for you.  I'm probably in the "beginner class"....maybe "advanced beginner" when it comes to crochet.

Take care and happy hooking!

PS  Will we get to see pics of some of the hats you've created?