Friday, March 28, 2008

Ive been away for quite some time I know and Im sorry about that. I enjoy doing this blog very much and I like to keep it updated.
Ive been under the weather since Feburary and I thought I just had the flu but I found out last week that I had a small heart attack while I was sick and I didnt relize it at the time. Ive been sleeping over 10 hours a day and I thought it was the flu.
Im having several test done on my heart next month to see what the damage is. I know Ill be ok either Im here with you all or Im in heaven with my father and sisters. either way I win.
I added a pic of my cheering up team to show you I have how much Im loved by my family:) Arnt they getting big!
Im gearing up to teach a class on crochet at my church hopefully next Saturday. I was suppose to do it last month but you know how that went:) Ok have a great day and happy crocheting!