Saturday, February 25, 2006

My little yellow chickie


  Look what hubby brought home to me the other night:) He is so cute and soft. My Max(Rottweiller/Bullmastiff) wants it as a chew toy! I told him noway thats its my toy. lol

  Ive been working on a square I designed. Now I just have to write up the pattern:) Boy Im exhausted already just thinking about it! When I get it perfected Ill take a pic of it then you all can see :) Now I just have to figure out how to copywrite something. Do any of you know how to do that? Im totally lost I just know Im suppose to copywrite it.

  Well Im off to do some more crocheting:) Have a great weekend folks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New show on Oxygen


  I received my CGOA newsletter in todays emails. They mention in the letter that Lily Chin is hosting a new show on knitting and crochet called Stitchcraft. It will be airing on the Oxygen channel starting on Sunday, March 5th, at 3 pm. Go and check it out. The more people who watch the show the more they will air! Go check out their site at and see if they have any more information about the show.

  I think its very exciting that we get our very own show about crochet thats suppose to be coming on Do It Yourself. Send them a email if you get a chance and ask when it will be airing. The more they know sho wants to see the programs the more we will see the shows. 

  Well Ive been busy making squares. Ive decided to design some of my own to see if I can do it or not. Wish me good trails! Ill take some pics when I finish some of my own squares. Ive been so encouraged by the emails that I have been getting from CGOA and CPList they all souind so up lifting about designing your own items so Im going to give it a shot.

  Have a great day!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Im still here!


  Ive been working on my crochet and just having a blast with it all. I was just at Crochet and she is having a really nice long week of birthday celebrations. Happy Birthday Dee!

  Ive been working on differant squares to make for my charity items. Thats been so much fun. Im going to go see the movie Below Eight today after church:) Im taking my sweater because just looking at all that snow I think Ill be cold! haha

  Well when I get a few things finished Ill be back to let you know how it all goes, Have a very blessed day!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just another Saturday


  Heres a little bear I made for my nieces daughter Madison. I was playing around with my yarn and came up with this little bear:) I think its the cutest little bear. She is suppose to have a crown on her head but I just made her a hat instead:) lol

  Ive been meeting new people this week. I met Carole from HooksnGrannies and she lives here in Vegas. I invited her to come out to our crochet group meeting. I do hope she shows up we just love lots of crocheters getting together!

  We are hoping that we can get around 6 ladies to join CGOA so we can start a chapter here in Las Vegas. That would be fun huh? Well Ive been working on the a new square for a new afghan Im in the midst of making. The colors are sage, light peach and off white made from Caron Simply Soft yarn. Its turning out really pretty. Ill take a pic and post some time this week for you all can see it.

  Well have a great weekend and Ill be back in a few days!

Thursday, February 9, 2006

LVCrochet Group meeting


  I went to our local LVCrochet meeting tonight. We had such a great time. We did miss our Mary Brady though. I took a few pics so you can see some of our members. Dana was working on the most beautiful baby afghan. Adrienne was working on her coin purse and dishcloths( we couldnt keep up with her she kept on changing before our eyes what she was working on) Angela was showing off her tattoo, I cant wait to see it in full color! And Angela was working on her brothers afghan. Sandra brought her knitting along(see we let you knit in our crochet group). I thought it real cute to show you my half eaten dinner. Sorry!

  We had a great night I do hope everyone can make the next meeting. So if you live in Las Vegas come on by we will be at the Outpost on Rainbow Blvd. at 7 pm Feb. 21st. Hope to see you there and dont forget your crochet projects! We love show n tell

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Annies Attic site


  I found the cutest page on Anies Attic site and wanted to share with you all. YOu can check out the page by clicking on this Annie's Attic - Hooks & Humor: Funny Crochet Definitions The difinitions are so cute.

  I also want you know that I went off to Catherines clothing store last night to buy a pair of workout pants. I got a nice size pair too! Well They had a magazine there called Figure and in it they had a really cool article called Hooked on Crochet. They had several pages of crocheted shirts and sweaters that had been crocheted. I really need to loose some weight so I can order a few of these cute shirts.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Curves recruit


  I thought I would let you know what Ive been up to for the past week. I joined Curves! Can you believe it? I am taking the classes with my friend Karen. She has been my friend for over 30 years. So she knows how Ive struggled with my weight.

  I am truely very sore. But I just have faith that I will get better at this. So please if you think about me please say a prayer I can use all the support I can get.    

babies booties

  Heres a little pic of some of the booties I made for my new nieces baby Madison. She was born on Tuesday afternoon she weighed 5 lbs 1 ounce. tiny huh? I havent been able to get over there to see the baby so I can give her the goodies I made for her but I will!

  Ive been busy making squares for the afghans we at HooksnGrannies are making for the miners and making little items for the baby. Next we are making items for the seniors outreach that we are doing:) Im very excited about this out reach. Do any of you have any great ideas or patterns on what to make? Im open to suggestions.