Thursday, July 29, 2004

World Trade Center Squares

Well, I finally finished the 2 WTC squares for the soilder who lost his best friend to suicide. I will be sending them out tomorrow in the mail.

  I tried to add a pic of the square but for some reason it didnt take. Ill try again later. Its in purples but the one I did for the soilder is in red, white and blue. It turned out great.

Ill be back later for an update:) Have a great day.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Bead classes

Well I went to bead class today and made a stretchy peyote bracelet. I finished with the first one so fast that I started a second one just because they were easy to do.

  I called Carri to let her know that Jacke is having new classes that she would just love to join in. She said that she would go check them out as soon as she could.

I needed to make two bracelets for Lisa for her birthday. One I made in pink and the other is orange, those are the colors she asked me for. I hope she likes them

Well, Im going to leave for now Ill be back later.