Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Off to the hospital

Ok Friends,

  This time I made to the hospital to register to be operated on:) I took my crochet with me to keep busy. And I got alot of attention. I had two people ask me what I was making. Im making a shawl:) They both thought I was making a afghan. But it was so fun to get their reactions. What fun to be aked about your favorite hobby If I could call it that!

  I went to the Crochet Meet Up last night and we had a new member show up:) What fun. She doesnt crochet but she does knit. She was great fun to chat with. Angie was finishing her brothers afghan. Its just awesome. Mary was working on her thread shawl and it was just beautiful. Sandra was in the midst of making a turtle? I cant recall it was some kinda animal:) lol Verna was working on her knitting as well. Verna is really doing great she actually drove herself to the meet up.

  Well Im working on the unexpected shawl and Terrys country blue aghan. Have a blessed day and Ill be backkkkkkk!

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