Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Books Books and more Books


  Ive been totally engrossed in reading as of late. Not that Im not crocheting as well.:) But Ive been reading some of Dee Henderson books. I just love her fiction. If you get a chance try out one of her books. Ive also been reading Beverly Lewis books. I just finished one of her Amish books called the Shunning. My daughter saw me reading the book and thought I was reading the Shining! hahaha  I told her she should no me better than that. Not that it might not be a bad read but I tend to read only christian fiction books:) One of my favorite authors is Karen Kingsbury. She writes straight from the soul. At the moment Ive been reading a Lori Copeland   book called Brides of the West. Its very entertaining. Its about mail order brides in the west. Man o Man am I glad I didnt live back then:)

  Well I havent stopped crocheting. Ive started up on a scarf that I started a few years back and just know found crying out to me to finish. I thought of it because Dee over at www.crochetingwithdee.com mentioned her charity of donating scarfs for the homeless. Here in Vegas I really dont see people wearing scarfs. It really doesnt get that cold here. But I might make a few and send them back east. Im still working on the baby caps for Save the Children charity as well. I hope you can join in and make a few they are very easy to make.

  Well ive chatted enough for one day. Have a great day friends!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunflower Bag Holder


  I thought I would share with you the Sunflower Bag Holder I made for my friend Karen. I made her another one but it did not open from the top to add bags. She requested another one that would take bags from the top. So walla here it is:)

  Im going to give it to her today. So I hope she likes it. I cant recall where I got the pattern but if anyone is interested I could search for it  for you, just let me know. The bag itself is very heavy duty. The stitch was very interesting. It was a DC in one stitch with another increase DC in the same stitch with adding the next stitch all across the body of the bag. It really makes a solid bag holder.

  Ok Im off to work on some of those motifs for my 15 year old project that I keep putting off. I collected the flower pattern motifs from members of Circle of Friends Happy Hookers when they were agroup some 15 years ago. But I have never put them all together. When I do get it completed it will measure out to fit my King size bed with overlapping sides. Its huge to say the least!

 Ok have a great day and Ill be back again soon!


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Charity work


  Ive been busy making caps for the Save the Children Charity. If your looking for a cool charity to do for the fall this is a great one. You can check out their site Save the Children: Advocacy: Caps to the Capital . Im going to go buy more yarn so I can make more caps. They are so easy to make. When you go to the site they offer a pattern in knitting or crocheting the caps. I made a few with their pattern then I went creative and made more in my own patterns. I love making them  I hope you can try them out.

  I went to my crochet group meeting last night and we had a blast. We even had a guy who knits and crochet come by to see what we had to offer. He brought along a few of his projects. He can really crochet! His name is Michael. He is looking for mens patterns if you know of any let me know and Ill pass them along to him.

  We are having a great time with the group I hope we can get enogh ladies to join CGOA so we can develope a chapter. We had 7 people show up last night, If we get more we may need to go to another place. But I love meeting at the Outpost because they have such great salads.

  Well have a great night and Ill be back with the other items Im working on to show you what Ive been up to.