Saturday, November 25, 2006

San Diego trip


  I had a wonderful time when I went over to San Diego, We stopped along the freeway to Toms Farms and I got some wonderful squash Yummy! As you can I went to California with my sister and my mom. While I was there I was crocheting flowers for Abbeas afghan. Carri decided to learn to crochet and she did a great job in learning. When we got back she even went with me to  the Las Vegas Hookers meeting. We had a great time.

  I bought the prettiest yarn while in San Diego. The yarn store was in a Tandy Leathers store. As you can see in the pics there was tons of yarn. I wish I had a few hundred dollars and I would have bought much more. I did buy some yarn that you buy by the pound it cost 60,00 for one pound and there was a pound and a half on the spool. THe very sweet salesclerk sold it to me for only 40.00:) Yipee. It will go great with another yarn to carry it along with. Its purple green and browns. Really pretty!

  I have been asked to make stockings for a family that a friend of mine and me:) Have adopted for Christmas and there is 5 kids in the family. So Im off to make stockings.

  Oh I was watching a old movie tonight called The Christmas Wish and they mentioned how the wife make crocheted doilies for a friend:) I love finding movies that mention crochet. The movie was made in 1950:)

  Have a blessed day!

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