Friday, January 25, 2008


Heres a pic of my Mom last year on her birthday I thought you would like to meet her:) Happy Birthday Mom!

Sundays ramblings

Ive been busy starting up my new group Needlecrafters. Ive gotten 2 people to start with:)On my way home yesterday from my moms 71st birthday party we had a lunch at Fridays. I stopped off at Micheals to pick up some of their yarn they had on sale. Low and behold there was a lady there getting sign ups for a class in the Broomstick crochet. I havent done it in over 25 years so I signed up and stayed till 5, I wondered around the store for an hour:) heehee I suffer for my craft as you can tell:) hohohoho! I really enjoyed the class I loved relearning something I forgot. Ive already started making a baby blanket in the Broomstick style. I just love the lacy look it gives. And its fun to do to!
Im thinking of asking my friend Jimbo to make a broomstick hook I think that would be something cool to have instead of having a size 50 knitting needle, what do you think? Ok Im going to do it!
My camera is still on the blink and I have takin alot of pics to show you all. My soon to be sonnlaw is coming over tonight so maybe he can fix it. Cross your hooks!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh boy Oh boy what a day today is!
Friends, Im actually up and alert at 7:30 am! heehee I took some new meds my doc talked me into on Sunday night and it has just now wore off:( I was in a fog all day yesterday. Hubby says he watched me real close so I wouldnt do something silly. And I didnt. I dont know if I will take that med again real soon thats for sure!
Im crocheting for my new group Needlecrafters. Im making a tote for the seniors group. I think Ill pick a group a month to crochet for what do you think? Oh I did get one girl to sign up for the crocheting but I need to teach her. Oh how I wish Angela was here when I need her, I hope I can teach her as good as Angela can teach! Heres prayin!
My friends you have given me some uplifting advise and I love it all thanks!
Ok have a wonderful day today and I hope you can get in some crocheting!

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Friends, Ive been away too long I know. Ive been busy with my sister Jerri's affairs and getting on with my life. I have some exciting news to tell you all. Ive started up my own crochet group(ministry)at church its open to the outside public. Im calling it Needlecrafters, what do you think? I had my first sitting in the ministries table at church. Im thinking of putting an ad in the newspaper and I think that will generate peoples interest. I had one person sign up and I will have to teach her to crochet:) Oh fun! for sure! heehee I love it.
I have 4 outreaches Senior, Womans, Homeless, and Babies. I have a bunch of patterns so we can get a great start. I hope to meet lots of peoples:) yea! I just recieved the new crochet book Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci. I hope to used this book to teach crochet. Im really going to stress reading patterns as well.
I posted a pic of my efforts with crocheting scarves for you ( I know Ive posted this pic before but my camera is not working as of now!) I put out the afghan I made for my daughter and some of the chemo caps Ive made for woman. I want to make some booties and some totes to add to the showing.
Yesterday my family had a memorial for my sister Jerri its been a month since she passed. We went to the park and let balloons out and they formed a J in the sky! It was so cool. Then we proceeded over to my sister Carris house were my brother n law said a few words and a really nice little sermon about Jerri. It was very touching. Afterwards I went to dinner with my friends Carol, Diane and their daughters it was very nice I even brought Jerri along( I had a small urn with Jerri) I know it doesnt sound nice maybe to some of you but I know Jerri would have done the same with me and I would have got a kick out of it. Ok Ill be back later for more chatting

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years pic - 54202To you all my friends enjoy your New Year