Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gourmet Yarn Store
This is the first site that I saw when I opened the door to this fabulous yarn store. Do you see the dark bag next to the green one hanging on the side of the table? Well its actually eggplant purple and I bought it as a rememberance of my trip:) Its so cool it holds my yarn and all my purse needs!This is my sister Carri and myself in the Gormet Yarn Store on May Avenue in Oklahoma City if you need some yarn they have it all!
Heres another wondeerful pic of of all their yarn they have to sell. Isnt it awesome? I love yarn its so soft and yummy...
Here I am showing Carri where there is yarn for her to buy so I can make another set of booties for her and my brother. My brother David drove us to the store but didnt get his pic taken..
This is Margret the owner of the store. She was so helpful and nice. She likes crocheters too! I found the biggest ball of yarn can you see it in my hands. It is so soft too. I dont know what Im going to make with it but who cares I can fondle it! heehee now you know what I do with my yarn...
Well if your ever in Oklahoma City and your looking for a cool yarn store stop off at The Gormet Yarn Store at 9638 N. May Ave, the phone number is 405-286-3737 ask for Margret or even Katie she was very sweet too.