Thursday, November 9, 2006



  I know this is not the best pic of my stocking but its what my camera is giving me today. I must need batteries. I will go tomorrow and get new batteries and then Ill take a new pic of this stocking and my other stockings.

  Im working on my scarves I promised Dee over at for her "60 scarves in 60 days" challenge. I found out from my Curves group I go to that they are collecting coats, scarves and gloves for the children over at the Child Haven we have her in Vegas. So Im going to donate my scarves to them. How great is that.

  Im going to be gone next week Im going to San Diego to visit my Great Aunt Estell. She is 88 years old and Id love to see her because I dont get too many chances on visiting her there at her home. So I should have a nice little collection of pics for you to enjoy when I get back.

  Oh yea before I let you go do some crocheting I want to mention that we finally got together 5 CGOA members here in Vegas so we are starting our own chapter here. Yippeee we will call ourselves the Las Vegas Hookers. I know its a common name but thats what the girls wanted:) So we are going to be official Hookers!  Haha Wish you could join us. Have a great day!

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wipforever said...

I also meant to tell you that I really liked the stockings.

Congrats on getting a CGOA chapter in your area.  I think "Las Vegas Hookers" is EXCELLENT!!!!  

Take care!