Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day tribute

Ive been out lately because Ive been babysitting my grandkids and I didnt get a chance to post these pics. So I thought I would take the time now so here goes.

The pic on the left is the cemetery here in Vegas called Winchester thats were my husbands grandmother and grandfather is buried. The pic on the right is a pic of my dad and sisters resting place. A few feet away is where I will be laid to rest. Dark huh? Ok now lets get past the creepy part and everyone take a little time out and remember your past loved ones.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Round Ripple afghan

Ok folks, Heres my attempt at making a Round Ripple Afghan. Im making a baby one. I love the colors... what do you think?

I got the pattern from Mik Knits & Crochets, Too! Its called the Round Ripple Soft Waves afghan.

I love it its very easy to crochet and its going fairly quick. Ill take a new pic once Ive finished. The baby afghan is for my friend Karen she has a friend who is having a baby boy come Septemeber but the baby shower is next month. I know she will love this afghan it is so soft and cute. Perfect for a baby boy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

  Well you will not believe this but Im actually reading this book. My husband and daughter have been begging me to read this book to know the real story not just what the movies say. I cant believe that the movies are nothing like the books. There is so much more in the books than what the movies show and they are totally differant than the books as well. Im really enjoying reading this book. It is so big too almost 800 pages.
  So now you know what Ive been up to these past days. I have been crocheting as well I must say Ive been crocheting baby afghans with little outfits to go along with them. Ive been making little dresses with caps and booties and with one set even a diaper cover to go with. I need to make a boys afghan next. I just have to find a little out fit to make maybe a sweater with cap and booties what do you think?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jimbos' Noste

Looky! Looky! what I received in todays mail:) A NOSTE!

Its one of Jimbos Nostes he makes. You can go check out Jimbos hooks and nostes over at his site Jimbo's Front Porch. You will fall in love with his hooks. I know I have. I have several of his hooks and just love them. Go check his site out often. He is always putting up new hooks made from really great woods.

I couldnt wait to try it out as you can see I attempted to try and this is what I came up with:) Its not pretty but its my first try making my own ball of yarn using the noste. Just thought you might like to take a gander at my new toy:) Yipee!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

well I finished my copy cat afghan. I made this afghan with the Granny-Along group. I had a great time. I just love doing afghans now. I love the end results. I did add another row all the way around the afghan so it would be bigger. My daughter needed it to go around her she said. I love the way it turned out. I didnt add little flowers in the midst of it all because my daughter liked it the way it was.

I did the squares in the traditional granny pattern. I love the yellow going around all the squares its like a ribbon running through out. The colors are just great.

Im going to keep making more grannies to see how I can put them all together. Im going to make the squares a differant pattern through out. Ive already made several squares and thought I might as well go ahead and see if they turn out as great as I think they will. Thanks to everyone for the inspirations and all the fun a crochet freak like me can have.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Ripple Along progress

Heres a updated pic of my attempt at doing a Ripple sample its the soft wave from Jan Eatons book 200 Ripples. I love the book but Im not great at math and you need to do math:)

This is my sample of the soft wave. I really like the pattern Im just not sure how to put the colors together. As I go along Ill post here. And you let me know if it looks cool or not! Deal?

I joined the Ripple-Along to be able to do this afghan. I get so much inspiration from all the ripples. You should all go by and check them out they are awesome. I saw on Dees site CrochetWithDee that she just recieved the book 200 Ripple Patterns as well. I hope she enjoys the book as much as I have. There are so many patterns to choose from and so much fun to have. I decided on the soft waves because I picked up on the pattern right away.

Im going to make this afghan out of Carons Simply Soft yarn and Im just trying to decide what colors to choose from. I have the really brite colors or the more muted colors now the decision has to be made. Im going to work up a few samples and Ill post them here for you all to see.

Have a great day!