Monday, July 24, 2006

Finished pics of trip I thought you might like to see


  Here are the rest of my pics from the trip to California. They are so pretty I just want to go back and see more, I had such a wonderful time there. And it was sooo very cool compared to here in Vegas. Its running 108 compared to their 67 and 70s. I could probably get some crocheting done there if I was there.

  We are having another LV Hookers meeting this Tuesday. I dont know about meeting every Tuesday. But Im going to try. I need to find some exciting pattern to do. Micheals has cotton yarn on sale this week for a dollar. So I thought I would go get some and see it I could come up with some great little project. If you have any ideas just send them my way ok?

  Ive been reading all the great happenings from the CGOA conference this year, I do hope I can attend next years on the West side of the country. Ill just have to wait to see where they are having it. If you want to see whats been happening there go over to and read her blog, She even has some great pics. And you can run over to Yarn Over, Pull Through and read her blog as well she has some great pics aswell.

  Ok enough for today Im off to Curves for some excersize:) Wish me luck that I dont sprain something!


wipforever said...

Gosh, those pictures sure are gorgeous!  I'd had loved to have seen the seals upclose!  Wish I could help on the pattern but I'm not well-versed in what a good pattern would be for cotton yarn other than dishcloths.  That one is definitely an "Ask Dee" kind of question!!!

Glad to have you back but I'm terribly sorry about the heat you are experiencing in LV.  I honestly don't know how people adapt to living out there, but then again, I'm sure that you wonder how we put up with the cold winters here.  LOL!

Good luck on the pattern and thanks for sharing your pics!


crochetwithdee said...

Your vacation pictures are fantastic; I love all the wonderful flowers.  Many people draw their inspiration from nature; it looks like you have a great collection here to reflect upon!  :)

Cotton is not one of my favorites to work with as A. it always tends to shrink on me no matter how I wash it, and B. it's a fiber that doesn't have a memory (once stretched it stays that way).  Soooo ... I'd have to say that I like making items that won't matter if it shrinks a bit and fit won't be an issue.  Afghans and summer bags come to mind.

I hope this helps,