Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gourmet Yarn Store
This is the first site that I saw when I opened the door to this fabulous yarn store. Do you see the dark bag next to the green one hanging on the side of the table? Well its actually eggplant purple and I bought it as a rememberance of my trip:) Its so cool it holds my yarn and all my purse needs!This is my sister Carri and myself in the Gormet Yarn Store on May Avenue in Oklahoma City if you need some yarn they have it all!
Heres another wondeerful pic of of all their yarn they have to sell. Isnt it awesome? I love yarn its so soft and yummy...
Here I am showing Carri where there is yarn for her to buy so I can make another set of booties for her and my brother. My brother David drove us to the store but didnt get his pic taken..
This is Margret the owner of the store. She was so helpful and nice. She likes crocheters too! I found the biggest ball of yarn can you see it in my hands. It is so soft too. I dont know what Im going to make with it but who cares I can fondle it! heehee now you know what I do with my yarn...
Well if your ever in Oklahoma City and your looking for a cool yarn store stop off at The Gormet Yarn Store at 9638 N. May Ave, the phone number is 405-286-3737 ask for Margret or even Katie she was very sweet too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yipee Contest

Yipee Contest
Here it is as promised My Yipee Contest:) I promised a little get together contest from when AOL closes there back on all of us journals in the Hometown section. They are shutting us down on Oct. 31, 2008 so my contest will end on that date, Ok heres the rules:
  You will all need to go to my new site over at blogger heres the address/link:
And leave a comment there on that entry to be entered. All I would like to know is how you came to know me here on my site, You know, what brought you here, how long have you known about me/my site. Thats it, just a little comment and then I will put your name in the contest jar and will choose somebody on Oct 31st.
Ok I didnt know what exactly you all might like to win so I chose my towel holders and a washcloth to match. I hope you like them they are really cute to have hanging off of your stove or fridge. Heres the pic I took:

Oh yea if you would like become a follower of my site by clicking on the follower button:) That will let me know whos a following little old me!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new old lhome to be


  I read the email yesterday that told me that they were shutting down the AOL Journals so there will be no more Crocheters Needle Arts but I have great news for you. You can find me over at Sherri's Needle Crafts. Its my eBlog account I usually blog there then copy to Aol journal anyways, So please go there and join my Followers and visit me. That means you Sheila and Dee and all the other friends I have here on Aol journal.

  Ill really miss visiting with you all and please email me your new site at to keep me aprised at where you are all going to. Dont forget Im at Sherri's Needle Crafts if you want to come by and see me. Im going to have alittle contest starting this coming Monday Oct. 6th so please come by/

Blessings from above and all my love to you all.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

tada my newest girlfriend!

Meet the newest member of our family her name is Bella. She is a dauchsund/corgi mix she is around we think 9 or 10 months old. We happened apon her at the local animal shelter and she was one day away from being put down. She is fantastic! She loves her new home and she gets along with my other babies. Max was a little leery at first but now he loves her too. Fifi just goes on keepin on:)
We went out for a ride and happened apon Petsmart and they had their dogs out for adoption from the pound and we looked but did not find what we were looking for. So we took the ride over to the local animal shelter and we found a really pretty girl boxer/pitbull mix and we went back everyday till Wednesday and then she was gone to a new home. Then we found our little Bella and we just loved her on site. I was wanting a corgi like Alicia has on her site Posie Gets Cozy. But I could not pass up this little Bella girl no matter what once they told me they were going to put her down the next day. I cant believe how God has blessed me with her. Shes a perfect fit in our family.
I have much to tell you all that has happened to me this past week and I will post more tomorrow stay tuned...


Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Heres my sweet little no more granddaughter on her 12th birthday. I bought her her first American Girl doll its the Samantha doll.She has always wanted this doll. I promised her that when she was old enough that I would get it for her. She sleeps every night with her so far.
She had a wonderful party it was at a local pizza hangout. There was lots of friends and family to help celebrate.
Im still working on the shawls and lapghans and Im in fear that I wont get them all done in time for the holidays. There not due till December but I can only get one lapghan and one shawl done per week I need to get faster or something. My daughter Abbea is making the walker totes and she is a beginning croheter. My friend Karen says she will try and learn to crochet so she can help. I do pray we can get them all done I need 75 items.
Ok go crochet my Friends and please say a little prayer for Donna she is ending her time here on earth with us and she needs prayers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I forgot to let you all on a fantastic little jewel of a yarn, And that would be Dees 60 scarves in 60 days Challenge. Come one come all to the party! Im going to try and get a least 3 scarves done with all that Im doing maybe more. Last year I think I made 6. This year I have a program to give them to. And that would be the Homeless Chapter at our little church. They gather warm clothing in the months of September and October and into November for the homeless in Vegas. So here I am again along with Dee crocheting scarves.

  Dee asked me a question about the Chemo Caps Ive been making with her pattern, you can find the free pattern on her site over at CrochetWithDee , Dee you mentioned a while back that used Marlene from Mondial for your hats so thats what I use. I get the now discountinued yarn off of Ebay. I bought about 100.00 worth last year for my sisters caps and she loved them I think Ill post a pick of her favorite, she wore all the time.

I just bought some more of the yarn from a Ebayer she says she has alot left if your interested. My sister liked her hat because I didnt make it too long and it was so soft.

Ok thats enough from me have a happy crochet day!