Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out ofr the weekend


  Im off to Sacramento for a Friends weekend out. My very good friend Lisa and I are going to go and meet up with our friend Tanya ( She lives in Sacramento). We have plans for a movie on Friday then a festival for Saturday, Then church on Sunday with lots of resting inbetween:) Yipee.

  Im not taking my crochet with me this trip. But I am taking my book! lol Ive been making baby hats like crazy. I have over 60 hats made so far. If I keep going I could have 100 by Christmas. SO now thats my goal.

  Well friends I pray you have a wonderful weekend Ill be back on Monday with pics I do hope:) I need to find my camera I havent seen it since the family reunion.

Tata for now

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wipforever said...

LOL!  It's a good thing I'm reading these entries "most recent to oldest".  If I'd read this one before the first one, I'd have asked, "How can you go anywhere without your crocheting?"  

And did you really get any rest in between????