Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yipee Im here


  Ive been crocheting non stop for a few weeks now:) Ive been working on the baby afghans and still working on making 100 baby caps for the capital I have 80 done so far! Whoopie

  I know I really need to take some pics and I need to create patterns for some of the hats. Im trying to figure out how to go about copywriting my patterns. Does anyone know how? I tried searching on the internet but all it really says is to get a lawyer. I had know idea it was that hard and involoved. But in the meantime Im going to start writing out my patterns and take pics to go along with the paterns. So stay tuned !! heehee

  Im really excited for two of my friends here on aol blogs thats Dee at CrochetWithDee  and Sheila at Needles and Hooks they both were nominated for the Vivi Awards here on AOL. Yipee you go girls!

  Well I have had a day of babysitting 2 of my grandchildren who are out of school on quad break. And we watched the Boomerang cartoon channel all day. I just love the old cartoons. I got a big laugh out of them!

  Well I better get back to making those afghans they wont do them by themselves!! I added a pic of some really pretty flowers just for your viewing pleasure:)

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wipforever said...

Hi Sherri!  Thank you for the mention!  I truly wasn't expecting the nomination.  

About copyrighting your patterns?  Dee is probably the best person to ask about that since she's had patterns published before.  I'm sure she would be happy to answer that one for you.

Congratulations to you and your work on the Caps for the Capital!  80 so far???  I'm very impressed!  There are going to be a lot of warm babies thanks to you!

Take care!