Wednesday, November 1, 2006

New group from ashes


  I mentioned to you last week that my HooknGrannies group closed without notice and  the girls involved were very upset about this. But one of the lovely ladies started up the group under a new name with the same ladies welcome to join up. If you are interested in dropping by and meeting us or your one of the old HooknGrannies ladies come join us at LiftedHeartsLiftedHands Fergie and Janet are the owners of the new group but all  of the same ladies are there:) Come one Come all and join us.

I put up the pic of my baby afghan today. I finished it, now I need to finish the boy afghan :) Man has it been fun working back and forth between these afghans. I was going to make the girl afghan bigger but my friend asked me to stop she thought it was big enough:) heehee I just cant stop myself. I know the momma will love wrapping her baby up in this afghan.

  Ok we had a great Halloween night. Abbea my daughter met the kids at the door so we didnt have to see not one Halloweener:) Well I did miss seeing all the costumes but it was great that the dogs didnt get so excited.

  Have a blessed day and enjoy the candy!


sybina1960 said...

Hey Sherri, Just caught up on your posts and am glad you and your friends have a place you can go to chat and keep up with each other.  The girl afghan looks great as I am sure the boy one does too.  I hope you can make it Tuesday night to crochet group.  I have the forms to start the CGOA Chapter now and want to start filling them in.  Take care.


faithmgrace said...

I'm the one who is blessed to be able to keep the group together my dear. Love, judy