Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Got my Jimbo Hook


  I recieved my hook a few days ago and I wanted to share with you how fabulous it is. It came in the cutest packaging. I was so excited about the hook I almost lost my mind opening the cute packaging. I made him a very cute scrubbie he should have recieved it by now. The hook was like using butter to crochet with. It was so smooth and wonderful. If you get a chance to bid on one of his hooks I do hope you win it!

  Heres a link to his site Jimbo's Front Porch I love viisting his site it is very refreshing to see some of his pictures. Enjoy!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mothers Day 2006


  Im backkkkkk:) lol Ive been feeling really great since I had the gallbladder surgery. Ive been taking it easy and eating safe items. My anniversary is coming up on June 8th it will be 32 years happily married to Terry:) He is surprising me on wherehe will be taking me to. Ill let you know when I know!

   But since I chatted with you all  Mothers Day happened. I put up a few pics of my family celebrating Mothers Day. You can see me with my sisters Carri and Jerri along with her little daughter Jennifer. And of course my mother was along too! She is holding up the doily I made for her this year. We went to Mimis Resturant my moms favorite. I hope next year we can go to someplace new. Any suggestions?

  Well Ill be back again soon this week to show you a new hook I recieved. Please come back and check it out. Have a great Memorial Day.


Monday, May 8, 2006


  I just finished this doily for my mom for Mothers Day. Mine didnt turn out this great but I like it:)

  Im going in for the surgery at 6am today. I have to stop drinking and eating at midnight  so Im sitting here drinking water like crazy:)lol For some reason Im very thirsty tonight.Ill be back in about a week maybe thats what the doc says . I should be back to my old self.

  Ive been trying to crochet a little but Ive been not to up for crocheting. And I just know Im addicted to it because Im going through withdrawls:) Im just not feeling up to it. My hands are hurting and oh well you all know:(

  Have a blessed day!

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Crochet in the movies


  I watched the old Bette Davis movie called Dark Victory tonight and while I was watching Humphrey Bogart came on as the horse trainer and he was telling Bette Davis character that he was going to get the horse to crochet and make little doilies for her:) What a riot I was laughin so hard. I just thought you would like to know crochet is everywhere:)

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Off to the hospital

Ok Friends,

  This time I made to the hospital to register to be operated on:) I took my crochet with me to keep busy. And I got alot of attention. I had two people ask me what I was making. Im making a shawl:) They both thought I was making a afghan. But it was so fun to get their reactions. What fun to be aked about your favorite hobby If I could call it that!

  I went to the Crochet Meet Up last night and we had a new member show up:) What fun. She doesnt crochet but she does knit. She was great fun to chat with. Angie was finishing her brothers afghan. Its just awesome. Mary was working on her thread shawl and it was just beautiful. Sandra was in the midst of making a turtle? I cant recall it was some kinda animal:) lol Verna was working on her knitting as well. Verna is really doing great she actually drove herself to the meet up.

  Well Im working on the unexpected shawl and Terrys country blue aghan. Have a blessed day and Ill be backkkkkkk!