Saturday, October 28, 2006

Im getting better Thanks


  I really appreciate all your support and the suggestions of joining other groups. I do belong to CGOA and Crochet Partners. And I love these groups. Its just that Ive been chatting with these ladies over at HooksnGrannies for a little over 4 years and I will miss them.

  I am thinking of starting my group with these ladies if no one else does. That way we can still get together and to know what each other is up to crochet and life wise.

  I put up a pic of a fall decoration that I made last year. I was attending a senior group and made all kinds of items but this one is a favorite one of mine. Its so festive dont you think?

  Im just about finished with the baby afghans Im making for a friend of mine. And as soon as I do Im going to start making scarves for Dees "60 scarves in 60 days" campaign. If you want any info on this charity you can read all about it over at CrochetWithDee site. She does this charity every year and I just love doing it too. So if you find you have free time have a go at it. Yipee I know that Sheila over at Needles and Hooks is up to five scarves (you go girl!)

  Ok friends I pray you have a wonderful Halloween night and have fun and be safe! By the way dont for get to set your clocks BACK one hour before you go to sleep tonight.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Totally saddened


  Im totally sadden to day of the demise of a great group called HooksNGrannies. I know I mentioned the group to you all in the past. We have slowed down the past few months but we were still a great group of friends. We have talked lately about closing the group down but the ladies that remained didnt want that to happen. But I went there today and its gone:( I could not believe it! I have been a member of the group going on 4 years and we did great things there. But Rhonda must have decided not to keep the group open. Im going to have a hard time finding a great group of ladies as these are.

  I just need to vent my saddness. Sorry about that. Now Im off to llok for another group who would want me as a crocheter:) How about you.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yipee Im here


  Ive been crocheting non stop for a few weeks now:) Ive been working on the baby afghans and still working on making 100 baby caps for the capital I have 80 done so far! Whoopie

  I know I really need to take some pics and I need to create patterns for some of the hats. Im trying to figure out how to go about copywriting my patterns. Does anyone know how? I tried searching on the internet but all it really says is to get a lawyer. I had know idea it was that hard and involoved. But in the meantime Im going to start writing out my patterns and take pics to go along with the paterns. So stay tuned !! heehee

  Im really excited for two of my friends here on aol blogs thats Dee at CrochetWithDee  and Sheila at Needles and Hooks they both were nominated for the Vivi Awards here on AOL. Yipee you go girls!

  Well I have had a day of babysitting 2 of my grandchildren who are out of school on quad break. And we watched the Boomerang cartoon channel all day. I just love the old cartoons. I got a big laugh out of them!

  Well I better get back to making those afghans they wont do them by themselves!! I added a pic of some really pretty flowers just for your viewing pleasure:)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby Afghan

Well As promised heres a couple pics of the afghan Im in the midst of making. I just love the colors. Theres pink, green and purple with a splash of white. I wanted to add yellow but could not find any in the stores. I used Simply Soft yarn. Well I hope you like it. Have a great day!

Contest I won


  I won a contest that Dee over at was having. The contest was listening to a clip and identifying her voice, And I actually won. I cant believe I won something. The gift I won looks really cool too. It looks like a baby blanket to crochet kit. I love those dont you? Im truely excited about getting it. I just cant wait. heehee

  Well Ive started my baby afghan and its been fun. Im allmost half way there. Its turning out ever so pretty. Ill take a pic and put it on here sometime today:) ok?

  Well Terry and I are babysitting today. Isabella and Riley. They are watching Narnia at the moment. I just love that movie Im going to get back to watching with them. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Friends Weekend

Im really sorry it took me so long to put pics of my trip to Sacramento up. Ive had a bad week with my Fibro and all. But Im starting to feel much better now.

  Tanya, Lisa and I had a fantastic weekend. We are already planning our next trip. We ate, drank and walked everywhere. Tanya's hubby Duane and son Joshua were wonderful to us. I had the nicest accomadations  with a goodie basket to go with the room. Tanya knows how to make you feel right at home.

  We walked and walked and walked everywhere. We went to the Apple Hill Festival and we got lots of samples of everything made from apples it was wonderful! Then we drank lots of wine. I loved the Port Tanya served, I had never tried Port before and I really liked it.

  I even took my crochet and made 4 crochet hats. Yipee I have over 70 hats made so far. Ive been commissioned to make 2 baby afghans for my friend Karen. So Ill take a rest for now from making baby caps. I want to make at least 100 caps before Janurary.

  Ok have a great weekend and Ill do the same.