Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunflower Bag Holder


  I thought I would share with you the Sunflower Bag Holder I made for my friend Karen. I made her another one but it did not open from the top to add bags. She requested another one that would take bags from the top. So walla here it is:)

  Im going to give it to her today. So I hope she likes it. I cant recall where I got the pattern but if anyone is interested I could search for it  for you, just let me know. The bag itself is very heavy duty. The stitch was very interesting. It was a DC in one stitch with another increase DC in the same stitch with adding the next stitch all across the body of the bag. It really makes a solid bag holder.

  Ok Im off to work on some of those motifs for my 15 year old project that I keep putting off. I collected the flower pattern motifs from members of Circle of Friends Happy Hookers when they were agroup some 15 years ago. But I have never put them all together. When I do get it completed it will measure out to fit my King size bed with overlapping sides. Its huge to say the least!

 Ok have a great day and Ill be back again soon!


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