Sunday, January 1, 2006

New Years Resolutions

Well I dont know if I will even keep one resolution. Im like that but I do better at trying . Heres my first of 5:

1) I want to do better with keeping my house. To get more organized and maybe just maybe get things thrown out instead of keeping every thing:) Now you know Im a pack rat!

2) To crochet more for charity and also for myself. I tend to crochet for everyone else and I never keep anything I crochet. It would be nice to look back on something I crocheted. Also Hooks n Grannies is having an awesome drive for charity crocheting and Im real scyked up for that!

3) To see more of my friends and to keep up with their lives in any way I can help them.

4) To get healthy especially excercising more! I eat ok I dont over endulge and but I dont excercise at all!

5) The last thing I want to do is to log more information for crochet here on my journal. I would like it to be more informative and helpful. So if any of you have any suggestions please let me know:)

Now have a very merry New Year!

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