Saturday, July 8, 2006

Going away for a little vacation


  Im going away with my dear hubby to Morro Bay, California. We will be gone a week. My girl friend Karen told me about Morro Bay for a few years now and I decided to go check it out for myself:) She and her guy John use to go there a few times a year before he passed away last year. We really miss John.

I started crocheting again after my surgery I kinda lost my desire there for awhile. Im making a little mile a minute afghan. Im using the Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink and Pale Green. I just love those colors together. When I get a little aways on the afghan Ill take a pic so you can all see what Im upto.

  Well I pray you all have a great week. And if you get a chance go check out  site she is preparing to attend the CGOA conference. Im so jealous but some day Ill get to attend. Maybe next year when its in California. If hubby says I can.

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wipforever said...

Have a safe trip and we'll be looking for those pics of the afghan when you get back!