Thursday, March 15, 2007

Im away but ill be back soon

Thursday, March 8, 2007

bad week


  Ive had a really bad week and Im just bummed. My sweet sister Jerri who had cancer 5 years ago and now she was told she has stage 4 liver cancer and she has breast, skin and lung cancer now. I am so bummed about this I cant stand it! I have no idea what to do for her other than pray and ask everyone I know who prays to please pray for Gods will to be done in this matter. I am totally beside myself with worry. My family is pulling together and so are my friends. You all know who you are. Thanks!

  Crochet wise Im in the midst of making baby blankets for my friend Karen she has a few friends that are expecting so she asked me to make her a few blankets. I couldnt stop there with just a blanket so I made hats and booties to go with them. Ill get a pick of the latest one and post it sometime this week for you all.

  Ive missed out on my crochet group and have no idea when I will be getting back there anytime soon. Just know ladies Im thinking of you all. Everyone have a blessed day! I posted a pic of Jerri when we went out to Moms Day last year. She looks great there huh?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Whewwie Babysitting granny


  Ive been busy with my grandchildren. The two middle kids were out of school on quad break for 3 weeks. SO to keep them busy I taught them to crochet. They kinda took to it:) As you can see they did make something that looked like a square. I got all the way to chain stitch and single crochet stitch. They got bored with that so I taught them how to knit. Now I know you are all laughing your butts off thinking of me teaching knitting to anyone especially my grandkids. I remembered how to cast on and to knit and purl. But I only taught them to knit. And I did all the bind offs. Now they are back to school I wont have them for another few months. So Ill put it all away then show them again.

  Im actually thinking of doing something kin to spring cleaning:) haha me clean too! Wow what is the world coming too! But 2 years ago I bought baskets t hold my yarn I found some kinda shelfing system that has bins that I think are alot nicer that Im thinking of buying. Just thinking mind you. Ill let you know it I do it or not!

  Ive missed the crochet group since December of last year was my last visit. One of these days Im going to go back and see all the new members. I found out last week that I have not been member of CGOA since August of 2006. Now Im trying to decided if I want to stay a member or not. There is not much benefit to being a member. Ill have to think about it.

  Well have a great day! Its absolutley awesome here in Vegas. I think it hit in the 70s today... just glorious!