Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Books Books and more Books


  Ive been totally engrossed in reading as of late. Not that Im not crocheting as well.:) But Ive been reading some of Dee Henderson books. I just love her fiction. If you get a chance try out one of her books. Ive also been reading Beverly Lewis books. I just finished one of her Amish books called the Shunning. My daughter saw me reading the book and thought I was reading the Shining! hahaha  I told her she should no me better than that. Not that it might not be a bad read but I tend to read only christian fiction books:) One of my favorite authors is Karen Kingsbury. She writes straight from the soul. At the moment Ive been reading a Lori Copeland   book called Brides of the West. Its very entertaining. Its about mail order brides in the west. Man o Man am I glad I didnt live back then:)

  Well I havent stopped crocheting. Ive started up on a scarf that I started a few years back and just know found crying out to me to finish. I thought of it because Dee over at www.crochetingwithdee.com mentioned her charity of donating scarfs for the homeless. Here in Vegas I really dont see people wearing scarfs. It really doesnt get that cold here. But I might make a few and send them back east. Im still working on the baby caps for Save the Children charity as well. I hope you can join in and make a few they are very easy to make.

  Well ive chatted enough for one day. Have a great day friends!

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