Monday, November 13, 2006

Finished with scarves starting afghan


  As you can see in the photos I completed 4 scarves but one my Grandson Riley wants (the blue one). They were so easy to make I really enjoy making theses scarves. Next year Im going to have M. Huberts book " 20 easy scarves to make". I ordered it from my book club Crossings. I also ordered Doris Chins new book that Dee mentions on her blog at CrochetWithDee. She gave it a rave review so I just had to have it too!

  The flowers you see on the photos are for my daughter Abbeas Afghan she wants me to make her. She went into my stash and took the yarn  I already had. So I made up this flower and Im trying to figure out how to make this square bigger. Im thinking of using white yarn to make it into a 12 inch square. When I figure it out Ill take a pic and show you. I like the flower its really simple to make. If I get the chance Ill write up the pattern and post it here.

  Oh I forgot I took another pic of my christmas stockings to show you. I hope you like them I did have alot of fun making them.

  Im off to San Diego for a few days to vist my Aunt Estell. I pray you all have a blessed week.

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wipforever said...

Excellent work on the scarves!

I really like that flower block, Sherri. Looking forward to the pattern.

Have a safe trip!