Monday, July 24, 2006

Im famous!

  I cant believe it! I just had to tell someone so I thought why not my friends here. My name is in the new Crochet :) magazine. Well in the CGOA part that not everyone gets. Unless you are a member of CGOA:) are you lost now? Well they  mention me and they mentioned Dee over at  Well now that I have been mentioned in a crochet magazine I can relax and just crochet, crochet, crochet:) lol

  Well I did go out to Micheals and I bought 99.00 worth of yarn. I bought 25.00 in cotton and the rest was simply soft yarn. I bought all the jewel tones and Im going to make a new afghan. Now I just haveto find a pattern to do the afghan in. I was thinking maybe a Round Ripple or maybe just a regular Ripple. Ill keep you updated as soon as I finds one.

  Ok have a great day and please stay cool!

Finished pics of trip I thought you might like to see


  Here are the rest of my pics from the trip to California. They are so pretty I just want to go back and see more, I had such a wonderful time there. And it was sooo very cool compared to here in Vegas. Its running 108 compared to their 67 and 70s. I could probably get some crocheting done there if I was there.

  We are having another LV Hookers meeting this Tuesday. I dont know about meeting every Tuesday. But Im going to try. I need to find some exciting pattern to do. Micheals has cotton yarn on sale this week for a dollar. So I thought I would go get some and see it I could come up with some great little project. If you have any ideas just send them my way ok?

  Ive been reading all the great happenings from the CGOA conference this year, I do hope I can attend next years on the West side of the country. Ill just have to wait to see where they are having it. If you want to see whats been happening there go over to and read her blog, She even has some great pics. And you can run over to Yarn Over, Pull Through and read her blog as well she has some great pics aswell.

  Ok enough for today Im off to Curves for some excersize:) Wish me luck that I dont sprain something!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Las Vegas Hookers crochet group

Well Friends,

  I had my first crochet group meeting in quite awhile. I kept missing them for whatever reason and now we decided last night to start meeting every Tuesday:) How much fun can we stand?

  We had a great time. We did miss our Mary. She could not attend last night, I do hope to see her next week tho. We did get a new member her name is Jamie. She makes the most beautiful little afghans. I cant wait to take a pic so you can all see her talent.

  Angie was working on a friend of her brothers afghan. He comissioned her to make him one after he saw the one Angie made for her brother. I even have a picture here of Angie holding up her afghan she made in her very first crochet class. That she is now the teacher of! You go girl!

  Mindy is in the midst of several projects. She is making a very beautiful fall afghan. I think I need to get the pattern from her. She is making a shawl as well I just love the colors she chose for it. You can see a pic of it here. Mindy embellished her pant leg, I hope you can see it here in the pic.

  Our little group chose to be named  The Las Vegas Hookers if we ever get enough people to be in a chapter for CGOA. Lets keep our fingers crossed. We only need one more person.

  Well Ill be back with more upcoming news. Its been really hot here and its keeps threatening to rain but that keeps the heat down somewhat. I really miss Cambria right now. The ocean was so peaceful!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from Cambria


  We had the best time in Cambria, California. It was so cool 67 degrees compared to Vegas' heat of  112 degrees. We really enjoyed the inn we stayed at called the Cambria Shores Inn. This inn lets you bring your pets. We didnt but it was so cool to see so many dogs. As you can see by the pics I really enjoyed our Inn. There was outside seating to over look the Pacific Ocean which was just across the street. We sat out there every night and watched the sunset. As you can tell by my pics I took more but I thought you might not like to see every days sunsets:)

  We ventured into the small town of Cambria and I found their local yarn store. They had wonderful yarn. I did buy some yarn and I bought the cutest little yarn bag made from Vietnam. You can see me holding the bag in the pics. Ill take a better pic of it later and the yarn so you can see them.

  Ive been reading and  and they are both having a great time  at the CGOA conference. It really makes me wish I could attend a conference some day. They are having a conference next year close to me so maybe I can talk Terry into letting me attend. Lets pray he will. I know the girls at our local crochet group are planning a trip.

  Ok Ill be back later with more on the trip and a few more pics. Have a very cool day!

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Going away for a little vacation


  Im going away with my dear hubby to Morro Bay, California. We will be gone a week. My girl friend Karen told me about Morro Bay for a few years now and I decided to go check it out for myself:) She and her guy John use to go there a few times a year before he passed away last year. We really miss John.

I started crocheting again after my surgery I kinda lost my desire there for awhile. Im making a little mile a minute afghan. Im using the Caron Simply Soft in Soft Pink and Pale Green. I just love those colors together. When I get a little aways on the afghan Ill take a pic so you can all see what Im upto.

  Well I pray you all have a great week. And if you get a chance go check out  site she is preparing to attend the CGOA conference. Im so jealous but some day Ill get to attend. Maybe next year when its in California. If hubby says I can.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Independence Day

         Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sunday Pool Party


  Its been great here the past week. It has been in the 106 degrees here and getting hotter! Boy its been hot. Im planning on a new afghan its one of those mile-a-minute afghans. Ill show you updates as I go along. I need to go pick out the yarn... I was thinking of making it with Carons yarn. I just love the feel of their yarn.

  I wanted to show you what Ive been upto this past week. We had a little family pool party here on Sunday. So here a few pics. I hope you enjoy them. We sure had a great time. I spent my time in the house and I would come out everyso often and take pics:) lol I was out there 10 miutes and found it way to hot on my skin. I think you just have to be very young to be out in this heat! Enjoy!!

  I have a blog I want to mention to you all. Sheila is a real neat lady and she has a great blog so go visit.