Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The New Las Vegas Hookers crochet group

Well Friends,

  I had my first crochet group meeting in quite awhile. I kept missing them for whatever reason and now we decided last night to start meeting every Tuesday:) How much fun can we stand?

  We had a great time. We did miss our Mary. She could not attend last night, I do hope to see her next week tho. We did get a new member her name is Jamie. She makes the most beautiful little afghans. I cant wait to take a pic so you can all see her talent.

  Angie was working on a friend of her brothers afghan. He comissioned her to make him one after he saw the one Angie made for her brother. I even have a picture here of Angie holding up her afghan she made in her very first crochet class. That she is now the teacher of! You go girl!

  Mindy is in the midst of several projects. She is making a very beautiful fall afghan. I think I need to get the pattern from her. She is making a shawl as well I just love the colors she chose for it. You can see a pic of it here. Mindy embellished her pant leg, I hope you can see it here in the pic.

  Our little group chose to be named  The Las Vegas Hookers if we ever get enough people to be in a chapter for CGOA. Lets keep our fingers crossed. We only need one more person.

  Well Ill be back with more upcoming news. Its been really hot here and its keeps threatening to rain but that keeps the heat down somewhat. I really miss Cambria right now. The ocean was so peaceful!

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