Monday, March 6, 2006

Update on what Ive been up too


  Ive been busy with crocheting squares. You know how I mentioned earlier that Ive been playing around with designing. Well let me tell you it is harder than it looks! I can design but I have trouble putting the pattern down on paper. Boy is it difficult. But Im not giving up on it Ill keep trying:) But I have been wroking on squares Ive made maybe about 4 differant designs. Ive also been working on 12 inch squares.

  As you can see I posted a pick of my tissue cover. It was so simple to make. It turned out great too. Ive gotten alot of compliments on it:)

  Say did any of you get a chance to see Lily Chins new show Stitchcraft? I liked it because it had great fiber items. But there was not enough mention of crochet for my taste:) But you know me they could have talked about crochet on every subject and it still would not have been enough:) lol I do hope they bring it back. It was great fun watching how they designed the articles for the show.

  Well have a great week Ill be back with pics of my squares next time:)

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