Wednesday, March 15, 2006

People seeking people:)


  I had the best day today. Diane from Florida in the panhandle wrote to me and she liked my blog:) Thanks Diane. I never know if someone is ever reading my blog. LOL But tada here you are! Im thrilled that people are reading my blog.

  Well my group of ladies from HooksnGrannies have successfully made the move over to CrochetGrannys. Im so happy that most of the ladies have come on over to visit. I really enjoy them all. They are like family to me. I would have really missed chatting and reading about their day today lives.

  Well have a blessed day all! Let me hear from you I would love to know who is visiting my blog

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crochetwithdee said...

Hi Sherri,
It's always good to be able to connect with others that share our same passion for crochet; I'm glad your Grannies group is reassembling.  :)

Keep up the great blogging; I'm enjoying your fiber adventures.