Monday, July 24, 2006

Im famous!

  I cant believe it! I just had to tell someone so I thought why not my friends here. My name is in the new Crochet :) magazine. Well in the CGOA part that not everyone gets. Unless you are a member of CGOA:) are you lost now? Well they  mention me and they mentioned Dee over at  Well now that I have been mentioned in a crochet magazine I can relax and just crochet, crochet, crochet:) lol

  Well I did go out to Micheals and I bought 99.00 worth of yarn. I bought 25.00 in cotton and the rest was simply soft yarn. I bought all the jewel tones and Im going to make a new afghan. Now I just haveto find a pattern to do the afghan in. I was thinking maybe a Round Ripple or maybe just a regular Ripple. Ill keep you updated as soon as I finds one.

  Ok have a great day and please stay cool!

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sybina1960 said...

OMG!  I know a famous person!!  LOL!  I am looking forward to seeing you tonight (and very jealous of all the yarn you bought, hehe).