Friday, September 17, 2004

Daily life

  Well, Hi there :) I havent been around much I know. Ive been busy with physical therapy nad then classes in needlepoint and beading the rest of the days. This coming Tuesday I have jury duty. I really like the process of it all. Its very fasinating.

  As I said I have been taking needlpoint classes. I finished my first sampler. It turned out great. Im thinking of taking it down and getting it finished by turning into a throw pillow. I like that idea better than a wall hanging. 

  Im also continuing making preemie hats for the challenge on Hook n Grannies. Ive only made about 30 so far I want to make around 50:) They are so easy to do. I just love Rhondas pattern.

  Well, its late here and I should be getting ready for bed. Ill be back later and tell you more about my life here in Vegas.