Friday, December 2, 2005

New dining room table

Hi there!

  I just received this new table from my hubby for Thanksgiving:) Its wrought iron with a marble top. I just love it. I especially love the chairs because they are so sturdy. Ive always had wooden chairs and they become wobbly after a while. I just thought you might like to see my new table:) As you can see my daughter went out and bought me new placemats for the holidays. I really dont like to use them it takes away from the nice marble. But she bought them and so I will use them.

  I still have the old oak table I just dont know what to do with it. Its over 30 years old and its in decent shape a few scratches here and there but really nice shape. I tried selling it through Vegas Traders but I had no takers. Im thinking of giving it to the local woman's shelter. I know they maybe able to use it. Ill give them call first thing next week.

  Well Im back making more gingerbread men. I thought of a few more people to give them too! haha I just love making them.

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crochetwithdee said...

I think your new table is just beautiful!  I love your idea of donating your old one to the local battered women's shelter.  The women (sometimes men) and their children often times leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  Donations like this help them rebuild their lives once they're ready to leave the shelters.  :)