Monday, December 5, 2005

A crocheted Candle

I just wanted to show you my little gift to my Christmas Sister this year at . I wanted something christmasy that was alittle differant. I ran across this pattern and thought how cute:) If you want the pattern you can locate it at It was really easy to make too. I started it in the early morning and finished some time that afternoon. It turned out real cute as you can see. I did take it with me to the meeting of the LVCrocheters that meet on Tuesday nights once a month.

  If you ever here in Vegas and you get a crochet itch come call us and we would love to meet you. One of the ladies is a teacher at the local community college. She is very talented.

  Well I should get back to my gingerbread men. I have lost count on making them. They are so much fun too! I have been asked to make an afghan for a firend of my daughters so maybe I might do that:) Well have a happy crochet filled day! 

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sybina1960 said...

Hi Sherri, Just thought I would let you know I came to see your journal.  I am not done seeing all of the new stuff yet, but what I have seen is great.  :)