Thursday, December 29, 2005

Heresssss Betty

Looky here! My dear hubby bought me a glass head so I can put my hats on her:) I decided it would be a her so I will call the glass head Betty:) Next time you see her she will be dressed in an awesome hat:) I promise!  I was so suprised to get her. Now I just need to get busy making hats. Im in the process of making the baby sweater I already made but used the wrong yarn and hook size so it came out way to big. So I started making it in the correct size hook and the fine baby yarn:) As soon as its done Ill take a pic so you can see it.

  Well tomorrow is my 50th birthday. Everyone tells me Ill feel very old. They just dont know I already feel old! Ive been fighting with this head cold for a few weeks now and Im getting pretty tired of it.

  My girlfriend Karen and I have decided to join Curves. Its a workout place to do excersises for 30 minutes a day. She feels if she joins with me she wont skip any:) Im up for it. I just need to get drugs from my nicest doctor so I wont hurt so much! If you know what I mean. I let you know how Im doing once I start. Im not going to start till mid Janurary. I hope then everyone who started will quit by then:) lol Oh well we will see!

  Ill see you tomorrow when I 50:)

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