Monday, December 19, 2005

Day to day workings

Hello folks!

  Am I glad to be back on my computer. I went off of DSL to cable and boy is my computer fast now:) I can whip around here like a champ. Ive been busy as you can see. I wanted to make my niece Sheree a baby sweater for her new baby girl due on Feburary 14th of next year:) haha of course next year!

  Well here are some pics of it. It called for a size D hook and I used a size G hook:) And I have no idea what kinda yarn it calls for because I have never heard of the yarn in my life.Its from an older pattern book I have. Well it took me about 3 days to make this little sweater. I probably fits a nice size 9 month to 12 month old child. I'm going to give it to a very little girl I know...her name is Ziher. I do hope she will like it:)

  Im going to make this in a size 6 months I hope :) Ill keep you updated. Im in the process of making my nieces baby an afghan. Next time Ill take pics a publish them up here so you can see it too! Its turning out awesome. I did have a yarn scare tho but thats for next time:)

  Have a very blessed Christmas!

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