Tuesday, December 27, 2005

2005 Christmas Day

  Heres some pics of the 2005 Christmas day! As you can see we had a pretty good day all in all. The kids loved the dolls I crocheted for them. Riley really enjoyed playing with the Hero doll I made. And everyone I gave a beddoll to loved them. And I did get requests for dolls for others.

  I do pray you all had a wonderful day aswell. Im staying home for the big New Years Eve so hubby wont have to worry about me. I figured that he has enough to worry about without me adding to his worries.

  My 50th Birthday is on Friday Dec.30th. Terry was going to take me to dinner on the 26th because thats his birthday too:) And we both came down with the dreaded head cold. So we plan on going out next week:) We plan on going to Ruth Chris 's steak house:) I love a good steak!

  Well have a great day and Ill be back real soon

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