Sunday, December 4, 2005

Christmas Hat


  How do you like my hat? I went to our First Ladies Christmas Tea Party at my church yesterday. They asked all the ladies if they could wear a hat. I had no idea of where I would find a hat in Las Vegas. People really dont wear hats here. I went to my local Catherines Store to get a new outfit to wear to this party and believe it or not :) They had a hat there with purple pearls and a brown ribbon bow. And it was on sale for only 16.00! I snatched it right up.

  I couldnt at first think of what to do with the purple beads because they were glued to the hat. Soooo I crocheted a ribbon to go around the beads. And I made a big poinsettia to put on the side of the hat. I was really tickled to be able to crochet something to go on the hat. Because if you dont know by now Im a crazed crocheter! I loved to show it off anyway I can.

  Well have a great night and Ill be later in the week with something new to chat about!

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crochetwithdee said...

I love it; it's so festive!!