Thursday, December 1, 2005

Free FunFur Yarn

Well folks,

  Here it is at last! My free yarn . It came in a brown color which is great because you can do so much with brown. Some of the ladies that I have heard from that received their yarn says it was teal colored. But I really like my brown. It even shines like copper. I haven't decided on what to do with yet but Ill come up with an idea or two:)

  Ive finished making my gingerbreadmen for this year. I keep wanting to just make them up because they are so easy and I feel like I accomplished something every time I get one done! funny huh?

  Now I need to decide if I should make my spring afghan I want to make with tons of flowers on it. What do you all think? Or maybe I should take a break off of crocheting and get back to my knitting:) I dont know I just love crocheting!

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